Supporting single and multiple supply lines is increasingly difficult and complex due to distributed points of need and strategically complex regions. To ease logistical challenges, AAR Mobility Systems ISU® (Internal Slingable Unit) family of lightweight containers safely transport critical supplies during major installations for training or deployment operations significantly increasing mission success.

ISU® Containers are transported by sea, rail, air, and ground directly impacting the time it takes for encampments to receive vital equipment and sustain combat power. Rapid deployment of cargo to the point of need significantly improves troop readiness across military branches.

AAR Mobility Systems long term strategic relationships, make it easy to repair and purchase empty containers for storage and cargo deployment or to tailor ISU® Containers with communication panels, shelving, and environmental control units (ECU) to support both military personnel and Military Working Dogs (MWD).

Helicopter Slingable and Air Transportable, ISU® containers have a 463L compatible base and fit into a single pallet position. ISU® Containers are highly configurable, offering users a wide range of features such as 1-4 doors, fixed walls or configurable walls, and heights ranging from 50 inches to 96 inches. Hazardous material access doors on ISU® Containers make it permissible to airlift hazardous materials.  ISU® and ISU® KC containers are stackable qty (2) high at maximum payload.


  • Fixed wing and transportability certifications include ISU® Containers certified by the US Department of Air Force for Air Transportability since March 2000.
  • Certification of Air Transport for 12,000 pd gross weight containers was signed by ATTLA. Others are Air Certifiable, meaning they have been tested and certified internally by AAR Mobility Systems.
  • The U.S. Soldier Systems Center (Natick) certified the ISU® 90 and ISU® 60 Containers for Helicopter Sling Load (HSL). Single and dual point load rigging for lifting (2) ISU® 90s lashed together to form a tandem load.

Applications include: armories and gun rooms, single and multi-dog kennels, ATV and parts storage, laundries and refrigeration, and more

Download the ISU® Containers brochure from the white page section and learn how we can help you get any configuration of cargo to the point of need.