AAR Mobility Systems engineers and manufactures air transportable and helicopter slingable intermodal shelter systems for military operations and humanitarian efforts for federal, state, and local municipalities.

Long term strategic partnerships provide our customers with easy to purchase tactical packaging tailored to meet end user requirements, regardless of their mission, environmental conditions, mode of transport, or geographical location.

Most shelters have a light weight all aluminum frame built onto a 463L providing a 1 pallet or 2 pallet size when stowed. The 1 pallet position of a Small Air Mobile Shelter (SAMS) product line is sized for transport on most aircraft cargo while the 2-pallet position of a Light Air Mobile Shelter (LAMS) product line can be transported on or off road, via a wheelset. Both SAMS and LAMS provide immediate operational workspace, the lightest weight and cube possible, reducing costs and logistical planning.  US and NATO allied partners use a combination of expandable and non-expandable shelters with soft or rigid walls to triple the environmentally protected workspace and reduce deployment footprints.

AAR Mobility Systems air mobile shelters are integrated with advanced power and environmental conditioning modules in addition to racks, communication panels and more.

Applications include Tactical Operations Centers (TOC), expeditionary encampments including dormitories, kitchens, water treatments and storage, supply and part storage, maintenance facilities, and more.

Download the Shelter brochure from the white page section and learn how we can help design single shelters or mobile encampments to protect troops and get vital supplies and services to the point of need.