Vehicle-mounted mobile shelters provide contained mobile workspaces for intelligence gathering, medical and infrastructure requirements, troop movement, and delivery of essential supplies.

Expanding distribution networks of critical supplies, services, and spare parts to the point of need can help reduce attacks and destruction of fixed storage depots or medical facilities. Coordinated movement is vital to reducing tactical and operational commanders’ response times and the ability to extend operational reach increasing endurance and success of mission operations.

AAR Mobility Systems vehicle mounted shelters can be offloaded and positioned on the ground so transport vehicles can perform other critical functions, or they can be permanently mounted to Flat beds, PLS flatracks, LMTV, FMTV, and HMTV vehicles.  Vehicle or ground mounted shelters with expandable hard and soft sided walls almost double the operation workspace required to support and enhance long or short-term military and humanitarian mobile functions.

For example, the non-expandable Lightweight Multi-Purpose Shelter (LMS) is EMI shielded and ideal for a mobile two-person command and control center. The non EMI shielded, multipurpose M1079 Shop Van Shelter (SVS) and M1087 Expandable Van Shelter (EVAN) mount to a 2.5-ton and 5-ton truck respectively. Both have fluorescent lights, blackout light systems, and a double personnel door at the rear making them perfect to outfit as meeting facilities, workshops, or command and control centers.

Applications include:  logistics support, maintenance, administration, command and control center and many other

Download the Shelter brochure from the white page section and learn which vehicle mounted shelter is the best choice to protect troops and get vital information, supplies, and services to the point of need.