Arktis develops and manufactures a range of specialist equipment and clothing for armed forces, emergency services, and special forces worldwide.

The company was founded in 1985 by a former British Royal Marine Commando determined to improve the function and performance of the standard issue combat uniform.

Since then, Arktis has developed a specialist reputation for designing and engineering some of the best quality, functional clothing and equipment available on the market.

Arktis’ iconic smocks, jackets, tactical vests and specialist gear have been tested to the extremes by the military, special forces and emergency services in the toughest environments around the world. The company is ISO 9001 accredited for its QMS systems.

Durable clothing and equipment for military personnel

Arktis is a leading manufacturer of quality military clothing and gear with many prestigious customers, including special forces from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Our combat systems include, coats, thermal layers, UBACS, trousers, shirts, webbing/chest rigs, backpacks and our iconic smocks, which have been deployed to every continent on the planet.

Recent developments include a new modular smock system that allows for high performance layers to be added and removed as required. We have also developed new over whites/snow suits for the Royal Marines Commandos.

High-quality equipment for special forces

Our B315 Avenger Coat has been specially designed to perform in the most extreme circumstances. It is currently in service with police forces across the UK, including firearms and dog handling units. It has also been in action with the Royal Household and is continually being picked up by Security Forces around the world.

Arktis manufactures a diverse range of load bearing systems which are currently in service with the British and Australian police forces. Our ‘MOLLE’ vests allow for pouches to be fully customised and positioned, enabling operators to carry as much or as little as needed. We also offer a range of vests with fixed pouches, including variants that carry AXONS X2 Tasers. Arktis can also supply a range of products which conform with EN ISO 20471 High Visibility standards class 2 & 3.

Our medical flight suits are used by air ambulance crews in the UK. The suit consists of a trouser with removable knee pads, which is based on our popular ranger trousers. The jacket, complete with Hi-Vis detailing, also contains a stowable hood and ample pocket storage for equipment. It can be made from full FR materials if required.

Arktis has also supplied utility and transport companies, with items such as tool bags for live line workers & utility vests for network rail.

In recent months, our efforts have switched from manufacturing for the police and military to manufacturing PPE for the NHS and other keyworkers. Arktis worked quickly to train staff and, as a result, it now has capabilities for scrubs, gowns, and facemasks. The company has shipped over 100,000 pieces of PPE to various NHS trusts around the UK.

Unique camouflages for the front-line

Arktis has a long history in camouflage. Comb (Arid/ Blizzard/Urban) and Tundra are unique camos created by our in-house design team.

The front line is constantly changing, so it’s important to be able to adapt & meet the requirements of future terrains. As well as our catalogue of standard patterns, our dynamic design team can create, redesign, and print many other camouflages, providing the order is of viable size.

Bespoke design service

We’ve always been your local shop that you can call in to when you need a special or bespoke piece of equipment or kit. That’s a service we want to keep alive – even though it is very niche, it’s the heart and soul of what we do.

Its only through designing, and redesigning, that we can improve our products and better our offer to the brave men and women who take to the front line every day to protect and defend us.

We will always strive for excellence, because when lives are on the line, you want nothing less.