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Field Logistic Solutions for the Defence Industry

ARPA specialises in the design, development, engineering and production of logistic solutions for the defence, civilian, health, emergencies and catastrophes sectors.

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ARPA specialises in the design, development, engineering and production of logistic solutions for the defence, civilian, health, emergencies and catastrophes sectors.

The company supplies field logistic solutions for mobile platforms, deployment services and its infrastructure. This allows the support of any military operator’s deployment, medical or humanitarian, supplying essential goods, and the assembly of global infrastructures for complex systems.

Customised, fast-deployment solutions for defence operations

ARPA selects the most appropriated logistic solution depending on the customer’s requirements, final destination of the camp, lodging and services.

The company can design and manufacture different areas on 20in ISO single or expandable containers, modular constructions or field tents such as accommodation and rest areas, meeting rooms, command posts, offices, kitchens, dishwashers, refrigerators, dining rooms, canteens, bakeries, laundries, toilets, showers, storage and workshops.

Arpa provides solutions from water generation to waste water treatment.
ARPA supplies power generation through generating sets and renewable systems, electric distribution networks and existing systems.
ARPA offers logistic solutions for emergencies.
Arpa stocks a wide range of accommodation, transport and storage solutions.
ARPA develops Role I, II and III hospitals and extended hospitalisation infrastructure on tents and containers, as well as modular construction hospitals.
ARPA supplies deployment solutions for aircraft hangars.
ARPA's tech-communication data centres are implemented to communicate within the international market.
The company provides ultra-filtration systems for vehicles, hangars, vehicles workshops, spare parts warehouses, refuelling areas, cleaning zones, parking areas and traffic routes.
ARPA offers tailored solutions for defence, emergency, health and civilian industries.

Efficient deployment solutions communication

ARPA’s R&D department works constantly to keep all products adapted to new philosophies and logistic deployments requirements, the company’s solutions and services for future client needs.

ARPA’s Tech-Comm division is in charge of the most advanced fast deployment telecommunication infrastructures of the market. Its data centres, network operations, telecommunications and satellite communication systems are a worldwide reference in the international market.

Deployment solutions for industrial projects

To ensure the success of every project, ARPA provides a comprehensive solution for any deployment, including energy, waste management, transport and fuel, water, groceries, health, communications, security, common services and accommodation.

The company stocks field tents for a wide range of missions and also provides command and troop accommodation.

ARPA offers different types of accommodations adapted to client requests, including:

  • Field tents: inflatable (low, mid and high-pressure), steel or aluminium tubular structure and aluminium tents for workshops, dining rooms, common areas and hospital areas
  • Hangars
  • Shelters for command posts accommodation
  • Modular constructions: barracks, offices, dining rooms and common areas
  • Pre-fabricated buildings with one floor (troop accommodation), two floors (quartering) or three floors (control tower)

Water, sanitation and hygene system solutions (W.A.S.H.)

ARPA completely covers the water cycle for a rational and efficient use with solutions that cover all its phases, including generation and collection, purification, storage, distribution, consumption and treatment of waste water.

Contributing in this way to a greater sustainability of a resource as precious as water and its importance in hygiene or food.

Our solutions are designed as a complete modular and scalable solution, tested to work together or independently. They can also be adapted to existing installations.

Our specialised team is in charge of the proper sizing of the equipment for its correct operation, as well as its installation, maintenance and training.

About ARPA

Since 2002, ARPA counts with modern manufacturing facilities of more than 26,000m², from which 13,000m² are dedicated to production, assembly and quality tests. The company has experienced technicians and engineers, specifically in the quality department, R&D and technical assistance.

ARPA offers complete tailored turn-key solutions as military and refugee camps or field hospitals.


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