ISIC is a Danish-based company with more than 20 years of specialist experience in the design, development and build-to-order manufacture of ruggedised computers and monitors.

We focus on direct, efficient business relationships with OEM partners and system integrators, via a key account structure manned by specialists. We work closely with our customers’ own specialists to identify and provide solutions that meet key performance and reliability parameters in the most cost-effective way. Key partners include Northrop Grumman and Kongsberg.

To ensure global coverage and service capabilities, we also operate partnership agreements with OEM partners and carefully selected local distributors throughout the world.

ISIC hardware is delivered with certificates, calibrated and documented to ensure rapid, glitch-free integration into a wide range of defence, marine and industrial systems.

Based in Denmark, ISIC has over 20 years of specialist experience in ruggedised computers and monitors.
The SolidMON™ monitor series meets the increasing demand for reliable and robust displays for use in land systems, onboard navy vessels as well as in airborne applications.
DuraPanel is available in 15in,19in and 20in.

Rugged 20in monitors for defence applications

The SolidMON™ monitor series meets the increasing demand for reliable and robust displays for use in land systems, onboard navy vessels as well as in airborne applications.

The SolidMON 20in sets new standards in both reliability and technology, desirable in all C4ISTAR, C2, UAV GCE, AWACS, and many other systems.

The optical characteristics of this monitor are fine-tuned in close cooperation with active duty users. It has a market-leading low delay – crucial for real-time applications such as UAV / RPV control. The optional optical bonding and anti-reflection coating brings an unsurpassed clarity to the image under any climatic condition. Tested from northern Europe to desert areas, the SolidMON is the monitor of choice for mission-critical operations.

The SolidMON 20in is designed in accordance with environmental standards MIL STD 810 / 461, MIL E-5400T and IEC 60945. It is available in both console and rack mountable (8u), with removable handles for easy integration into your system.

TEMPEST-approved computer and monitor hardware

Electronic and electromechanical information-processing equipment can produce unintentional intelligence-bearing emanations, commonly known as TEMPEST. If intercepted and analysed, these emanations may disclose information transmitted, received, handled, or otherwise processed by the equipment.

ISIC offers experience in TEMPEST-approved computer and monitor hardware. We are approved to handle classified information and products. This does of course impose export control restrictions.

Widescreen monitors for defence applications

The DuraMON26WS RADAR is the widescreen successor to the 23in 4:3 category 1 monitor. Based on the same new construction concepts, the DuraMON26WS RADAR represents the new slim and elegant ISIC design. The overall design is robust, using only the best materials and components in combination with state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and actually reduces weight by more than 30% compared with previous designs.

DuraMON26WS RADAR is based on proven and well-recognised ISIC technology providing high reliability and long durability. It features the ISIC top and bottom mounting system reducing mechanical stress, thus optimising the total lifetime of the monitor.

DuraMON26WS RADAR is available for panel mounting as well as for table-top mounting using the ISIC table mount bracket. We are offering excellent OEM flexibility with the DuraMON26WS RADAR monitor.

Quality controlled ruggedised computers and monitors

ISIC is fully certified ISO 9001 and approved to handle classified products and information. We are a registered supplier with Nato Cage Code R4072. ISIC has full configuration control with traceability with configuration database.

Customised computers and monitors

Due to excellence in product customisation, ISIC is able to meet its partners’ different demands for special designs and product form factors in a cost-effective way. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Danish Pavillion at DSEi 2011.