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Wireless Sensor Surveillance Network Systems

Exensor Technology is the leading provider of networked unattended ground sensor (UGS) systems for the surveillance and protection of humans and critical assets.

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Exensor Technology is the leading provider of networked unattended ground sensor (UGS) systems for the surveillance and protection of humans and critical assets.

The company was acquired by Bertin Technologies in July 2017, making it a member of the CNIM Group.

Multi-sensor multi-mission surveillance solution

Launched in 2008, the Flexnet solution is a flexible, user-friendly, comprehensive surveillance solution composed of a portfolio of intelligent, wireless unattended ground sensors and cameras that detect, classify, identify and track moving objects on the ground.

Flexnet is an open and scalable platform designed for future expansion. The flexible toolbox concept allows for easy integration of external sensor capabilities, as well as integration with other command and control (C2) platforms and systems when required.

Exensor provides a proprietary command and control (C2) platforms and systems adapted to any mobile or fixed surveillance application.
Exensor scout cameras (Intelligent motion cameras) for threat recognition (pictures and video clips).
Exensor's intelligent scout camera is equipped with onboard motion detection to take pictures / video clips upon motion. Areas of interest can be defined in the view.
Exensor provides unattended ground sensors such as Mesh PIR (Passive Infrared) to detect heat and provide travel direction.
Exensor Mesh PIR (UGS) are adapted to short, medium and long-range configuration. The sensitivity levels can be remotely configured.
Exensor’s silent network of sensors can be deployed to ensure the protection of human and value asset to cover no line of sight (NLOS) and dead ground out of hearing and vision range.
Exensor’s UMRA Mini (seismic and acoustic unnattended ground sensor) detects and classifies ground movement.
Exensor provides unattended ground sensors, including the seismic and acoustic UMRA Mini for smart alarm classification and self-calibration based on real-life background noise.
Flexnet is a comprehensive surveillance solution (wireless mesh networked UGS platform) for threat detection, classification and identification.
Exensor's self-healing silent network can be implemented with intelligent gateway as a base station or relay station, mobile base for communication with sensors or other relay stations.

The inherent scalability of the system is a unique Flexnet feature. In the smallest form the system consists of a lightweight, man-portable configuration such as a few sensors / cameras and a personal digital assistant (PDA) for temporary protection tasks. In a full-blown Flexnet configuration, a 24/7/365 solution is provided, integrating a larger number of sensors and cameras with a single integrated C2 solution suitable for protection of wide areas and/or perimeters, including base camps, air bases, critical infrastructure and wide-area surveillance tasks.

Flexnet is designed with a focus on reliability, usability, flexibility and effectiveness. It is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use system based upon a ‘silent’ mesh network technology providing an extremely robust and flexible communication backbone, creating a high degree of operational flexibility.

Force protection, area surveillance and intelligence gathering

The Flexnet Sensor platform is a force multiplier that can be used in a vast number of applications such as camp protection, airbase protection, patrol and self-protection tasks, intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition (ISTAR).

For force protection applications, the system ensures protection and security of soldiers and sites (fixed or temporary) as the intelligent sensors will provide early warning, including the detection, classification, identification and tracking of approaching threats on the ground. The system can be covertly deployed to cover vulnerable points in non-line-of-sight areas and dead ground, as well as around perimeters of a temporary or fixed location.

In the intelligence gathering role, the system provides persistent oversight of one or several locations / areas to determine pattern of life and/or to monitor and record exact enemy movements over time.

Critical civilian areas and border control protection

Flexnet is used for protection of borders, critical infrastructures and high-value targets.

For border protection, Flexnet can be deployed for temporary observation of remote / sensitive border crossings, as well as in fixed 24/7, 365 days a year installations. Using suitable power options, sensors and cameras are deployed along the border line, communicating in a wireless mesh network. The system can be deployed as a stand-alone system (monitored and operated by local border guards using handheld tools) or integrate with existing infrastructures, including existing backbone communication networks, other sensor systems and command and control systems.

Flexnet can also be used for permanent installations and temporary solutions to enhance security of critical infrastructures and areas, including high-value assets and sensitive targets. Flexnet’s independence of existing infrastructures, the flexibility and ease of deployment makes the system an ideal choice where other conventional CCTV and protection systems would not be suitable.

About Exensor Technology

Since the company’s foundation in 1987, Exensor has developed high-performance, wireless ground sensor systems for defence and security applications.

As a result of three decades of close cooperation between customers and users, Exensor’s engineering team and in-house operational experts, the company offers some of the most advanced UGS systems available in the market today.

White Papers

  • Critical Assets Mobile Protection

    When critical assets such as aircraft are deployed on a mission in a remote or foreign location, the security of the asset can be complicated to ensure.

  • Border Control Mobile Surveillance

    Borders are not systematically constituted of fences, nor all the way monitored by cameras. However, it is essential for governments to maintain control over what and who crosses the frontier.

  • Counter Mobility

    The purpose of counter mobility operations is to disrupt, destroy and control a moving enemy.

  • Self Protection

    When just a few soldiers are out on a specific mission, they need to maximise their attention on its realisation and spend a minimum of effort covering their back.

  • Remote Long-Range Surveillance

    Long-range surveillance missions require remote observation posts to avoid exposing soldiers. Sometimes, the terrain and vegetation prevent them from observing a target. The Flexnet wireless, covert, remote sensor and camera platform provides surveillance coverage of the objective.

  • Critical Site and Infrastructure Surveillance

    Critical infrastructure requires installation of security applications inside and outside the facility perimeter. The Flexnet networked sensor platform offers a flexible and quickly deployable 24/7 protection solution using a combination of intelligent, battery operated and externally powered sensors and cameras.

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