Integrated Communications Systems Group (ICSG) provides a range of digital communication solutions for various military platforms and personnel.

Our products meet size, weight and power constraints, as well as low-ownership cost.

Advanced integrated communications management system for military applications

The AN/AYQ-27 is a software-driven design, network centric system that can be ergonomically scaled within a modular, open architecture design to streamline communication, while meeting the constraints of size, weight, power and ownership cost.

The AN/AYQ-27 communications management system can be configured for up to 30 stations with up to 90 radios. Individual stations are networked with fibre-optic interfaces.
ICSG's state-of-the-art fully enclosed wireless intercom headset is full duplex capable with active noise cancellation (ANC). It is suitable for noisy areas such as helicopters, and wheeled armoured vehicles.
ICSG offers encrypted full duplex or push-to-talk simultaneous radio communication for small groups of up to 12 people. Provides extended range communication with automatic repeater function. GPS/GIS and text messaging are standard features.
Our high-level, encrypted, lightweight and portable wireless intercom solutions provide extended range communication with automatic repeater function.
ICSG wireless intercoms provide extended range communication with automatic repeater functions and comprise global positioning systems (GPS) / geographic information systems (GIS) and text messaging.

Our platform-based AN/AYQ-27 was certified and accepted by the Navy for the new E-2D Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft. This is the first ICS to successfully utilise a fibre-optic network with radio over internet protocol (RoIP).

Tactical wireless intercom for military personnel

ICSG’s high-level, encrypted, lightweight and portable wireless intercom solutions are applicable for various platforms and dismounted warfighters.

They offer automatic noise reduction (ANR), clear voice, full duplex and / or push-to-talk capability with simultaneous group talk of up to 12 people.

Our units incorporate automatic repeater functions of up to three hops to extend communication range as much as 3km. Global positioning systems (GPS) / geographic information systems (GIS) and text messaging are standard features on our wireless intercoms.

Optical radio and data digitizers via fibre-optic connectivity

The optical radio digitizer (ORD) allows new and legacy analog radios to be connected throughout the platform using fibre optic technology, without disrupting performance, while the optical data digitizer (ODD) allows analog data to be digitized and distributed throughout the platform.

Both products reduce overall platform weight, improve performance by reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) susceptibility, reduce maintenance costs, and simplify future equipment upgrades.

Engineering services for system design, development and testing

ICSG also offers a range of engineering services, including project management, systems engineering, hardware design, development and testing, firmware design, development and testing, test design, development and implementation, built-in test software design and implementation.

About ICSG

ICSG is a division of Mathtech, which was founded in 1959. Mathtech’s headquarters are based in Falls Church, Virginia, US, and the company has a team of more than 50 professionals.

Since its establishment, Mathtech has supplied a wide range of high-quality analytical consulting services and technical studies to governments and industries worldwide, including validation / verification of system performance, system architecture and strategic planning.

In 2002, hardware system development was added to the company’s core business as part of an organic diversification strategy. This initiative led to the creation of ICSG, which functions as an independent hardware development entity within the Mathtech corporate structure. The division is responsible for the design, development, production, quality and sustainment of military intercom systems.

For more information about ICSG and our ongoing efforts in intercommunication systems design, as well as other projects, please contact us using the form below.