ABEILLON produces and supplies audio hoses, reading lamps, UHF-VHF radio-communication antennas and goosenecks to the military industry.

With its experience and collaborations with major European and American clients, the company offers a large number of intervention products.

Based on a wide range of achievements, ABEILLON works with engineers from the initial design and deliver products in quantities ranging from unit parts to tens of thousands of units per year worldwide.

ABEILLON is a manufacturer of sub and ribbon antennas for portable radiocommunication sets within UHF and VHF frequency ranges for military applications.
Antennas can be mounted on ABEILLON's flexible swivel adaptors.
ABEILLON's audio goosenecks can be used with microphones, helmets and headsets for the military industry.
The gooseneck's manoeuvrability and durability enables comfortable use of a microphone.
Goosenecks with an 8mm to 10mm diameter are used within conference rooms.
Specific adaptors can be fitted at the end of a gooseneck to attach a microphone or fasten it to a helmet or headset.

Audio hoses for civilian helmets in the military and security sectors

ABEILLON designs and manufactures audio hoses for different uses, including helmets and headsets for the military, civilian and security sectors.

They can be prepared to accommodate a custom-made fitting or microphone. Our stainless-steel and brass products are tested on our fatigue test facility, which guarantees significant mechanical characteristics, as well as a long life of the hose under adverse conditions.

For more than 30 years, ABEILLON has developed a very specific knowledge that allows it to manufacture audio goosenecks whose mechanical characteristics in both static and dynamic configurations meet customer requirements.

Various gooseneck ranges enable comfortable use of a microphone due to high levels of manoeuvrability and durability.

ABEILLON offers audio goosenecks for helicopter helmets, headsets, and conference rooms and broadcast studios.

LED technology reading lamps for armoured military vehicles

ABEILLON LED military lamps equip card tables and steering panels on aircraft, surface vessels and armoured military vehicles. Several lamps offer different functionalities regarding light colours and brightness adjustment.

ABEILLON reading lamp characteristics include LED technology, gooseneck, 360° arms, white / white-red / white-blue lighting, variable luminous intensity and black-out functions.

The ABEILON reading lamp range is available in dimmable and non-dimmable variations.

Portable radio communication set antennas for military applications

ABEILLON manufactures stub and ribbon antennas for portable radio communication sets in the UHF and VHF frequency ranges for military applications. These antennas can be mounted on flexible swivel adaptors.

The ribbon antenna design enables it to be folded or unfolded in any direction without being damaged, and its specific coating is resistant to various adverse climatic, chemical or mechanical conditions (tests performed according to military standards or defence client specifications).

The base of these different antenna models can be fitted with a specific connector according to the client’s requirements, including metric or British thread, British naval connector (BNC), Threaded Neill-Concelman (TNC) and the Neill (N) connector.


ABEILLON has been designing and manufacturing goosenecks and antennas since 1948.

The company is based in Montreuil sous Bois, Paris, and distributes its products worldwide.