ABEILLON military lamps are intended to be used in armoured military vehicles, aircraft, surface vessels, etc. Because they have light-emitting diode (LED) technology, they benefit from the latest innovations in terms of light properties (power and colour temperature) and combine performance, durability and ergonomics. They are specially designed to optimise user comfort.

Thanks to their latest-generation LEDs, the lamps have the best precision and lighting quality without losing light in order to optimise and target lighting areas, with a service life of more than 50,000 hours.

They are very easy on the user’s eyes, with excellent colour rendering at the level of the areas being illuminated and do not emit any heat or UV lighting, making them perfectly suited for reading or supplementary lighting in a closed environment.

These LED lamps have been designed to consume less energy while outputting more light.

With their flexible, easy-to-manoeuvre arms that swivel around 360°, they are extremely versatile.

The lamps can be used with white LED lights, and additional functionality with red, green or blue light can be provided. Other options, such as variation of luminous intensity or the BLACK OUT function are also available for some models.

With a view to ensuring performance and quality, all of our LED light systems are designed and manufactured in our workshops in France, and work is constantly being performed to improve them.