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Comprehensive and Indigenous Electronic Defence Technologies

Shoghi Communications focuses on providing comprehensive and indigenous electronic defence technologies, products and systems to military, defence and intelligence organisations worldwide.

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Shoghi has been designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of defence electronic products and systems for air, land, sea and space applications.

For over two decades, the company has established a reputation for being focused on the precise needs of defence and intelligence customers. Shoghi’s growth has been fast-paced, with sustainable consistency as a leader and prime defence contractor in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), secure communications, government services, training, satellite image acquisition and processing.

Mission-critical support systems for defence applications

With a focus on military and defence technology, Shoghi develops, manufactures and supports a wide range of systems for mission-critical and military sustained requirements, as well as futuristic homeland security demands, particularly counter-terrorism.

By permitting the installation of only pre-signed and pre-checked applications, Shoghi’s in-house android phone boasts of additional layers of protection from Trojan attacks and remote intrusions.
Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System (SCL-1625TII) is designed to intercept Voice, SMS and Data traffic from Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones operating on Thuraya, Iridium and Inmarsat networks.
With the help of our anti-drone system, users can visualize the direction of any given drone in the vicinity, along with its location once neutralized.
Aimed at the prevention of illegal incursions, our border surveillance solutions consist of advanced technologies ranging from sophisticated thermal to optical cameras and portable radars with long-range detection capabilities.
Shoghi scans the Darknet to identify threats targeting our clients. We map the most relevant attack vectors, identifying leaked IT systems and topology, employee information, user credentials and product vulnerabilities.
Manpack Automatic Direction Finder is designed for direction finding and localization of radio emitters. Due to its small size and light weight, MPADF-HF can be used in hard-to-reach places.
Shoghi’s NIFTI is loaded with host of features including regulation of social media usage by specific users in specific locations, geo locating Anonymous targets based on their posts/ tweets.
Shoghi’s open-source intelligence (OSINT) technology caters to the requirements of forces operating in areas of counter-terrorism, organised crime investigation, cybercrime, political violence, fake news, information warfare, and the like.
Shoghi employs integrated monitoring and analysis platforms that enable acquisition, processing, storage and analysis of voice, fax, SMS, high-speed IP traffic, location and other data from GMPCS, point-to-point satellite communication and VSAT networks.

Shoghi has been recognised as one of the fastest-growing defence technology companies globally, with a leading market position and a reputation for reliability and responsiveness in several areas, including:

Communication Intelligence Systems and Sensors

  • Passive GSM Interception Systems for 2G/ 3G /4G and 5g
  • Unified Satellite Phone Interception Systems for Passive interception of Thuraya / Iridium and ISAT phones.
  • VSAT interception and Geolocation Systems
  • Multi-Channel Radio (HF/VHF/UHF/SHF) interception
  • Decoding and direction-finding systems
  • Microwave Interception Receivers and Demodulators
  • Lawful Interception Systems


Cyber and Country Wide Network Intelligence

  • Open Source Intelligence systems
  • Countrywide Network Intelligence systems
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Device Data Extraction and Encrypted Chat Decryption


Electronic Warfare / ESM /ELINT Systems

  • Satellite Phone Jamming systems for Thuraya / Iridium /ISAT and Globalstar
  • RCIED Jamming Systems – Briefcase / Manpack / Convoy
  • HF/VHF/UHF Jamming Systems
  • VSAT / FM Radio / DTH TV Channels Jamming systems


Signal Processing and Data Acquisition Systems

  • New Age Military Decoders for HF/VHF/UHF/DMR radios
  • BitStreamam Analysis modules


Military Grade Encryption

  • Secure Instant Messaging Applications with On-Premises Server
  • Hardened Android Phones
  • Secure GSM Handsets


High-Resolution on Satellite Imaging

  • ON Demand Optical and SAR Images
  • Direct Tasking and reception Ground stations


Advanced electronic defence technologies for demanding requirements

Founded with the objective of strengthening military capabilities, Shoghi is a proud pioneer of robust, comprehensive and indigenous electronic defence technologies, products and systems.

Our focus on building world-class solutions for reinforcing pre-emptive counter-intelligence strategies has enabled us to claim our position in the global defence technology space as a dependable supplier of intelligence and electronic warfare technologies and expertise.

Shoghi’s products and services are designed to support mission-critical and military requirements in electronic defence technology, pre-emptive counter-intelligence efforts and homeland security and come with the assurance of gold-standard quality.

Innovative solutions and support

Our wide-ranging mission-critical systems are consistently evolving through innovations, and we are continuously equipping militaries with advanced technological systems and support.

The consistently evolving R&D division at Shoghi empowers us with the foresight to not just predict, but prepare to meet the needs of intelligence agencies and militaries across the world.

We are well-equipped to ensure a sustained supply of our electronic defence solutions to meet the growing demands and challenges of the defence sector. With increased interest and capabilities in strategic electronics, applied cryptology, information warfare tools, and applied embedded systems, we seek to be recognised as global pioneers in innovation and cutting-edge technology.

At Shoghi, we aim to offer the latest and most advanced intelligence, counter-intelligence and security systems to our customers, tailored to suit their requirements.

White Papers

Products & services

  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

    The Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) division offers products and programs (sensors, platforms, systems, and services) curated for our customers seeking intelligence and counter-intelligence solutions.

  • Cyber Intelligence Solutions

    Shoghi’s cyber intelligence solutions are designed to help defense and intelligence agencies identify and mitigate impending security risks through calibrated technologies aimed at early and accurate detection of cyber security threats.

  • Electronic Warfare

    Shoghi’s specialized electronic warfare solutions provide the essential support to airborne and ground platforms alike for the interception, monitoring, and jamming of a wide range of electronic signals and transmissions from deep within enemy territory.

  • Avionics

    Shoghi’s reputation in providing civil and military aircraft life cycle support and extension services stems largely from its understanding of the importance of fleet readiness for the military.

  • High-Resolution Imaging Solution

    Shoghi takes pride in its ability to set up a full-fledged Integrated Satellite Earth Station capable of retrieving and processing high-resolution images in both the optical and SAR domains for its customers.

  • Communication Security

    Our strategic communication solutions are considered desirable due to the ease of installation of our hardware systems which is ensured by the customized algorithms created with security concerns in mind.

  • Border Surveillance

    Shoghi offers customized solutions for Border Surveillance combining information capture technologies, data processing, and transfer covering the entire life cycle of the projects.

  • OEM Software Services

    Owing to our years of experience in designing advanced, world-class solutions in ISR, electronic warfare, avionics, and the like, Shoghi has emerged as a pioneer and among the leading suppliers of defense solutions in the world.

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