Shoghi’s cyber intelligence solutions are designed to help defense and intelligence agencies identify and mitigate impending security risks through calibrated technologies aimed at early and accurate detection of cyber security threats. The products seek to provide users with the ability to access, collect, and store data from the cyberspace in a secure manner and include the following:

  • OSINT Solution
    Open-source intelligence (OSINT) technology caters to the requirements of forces operating in areas of counter-terrorism, organized crime investigation, cybercrime, political violence, fake news, information warfare, and the like. This is made possible through our innovative technology which is capable of scanning the entire digital space and sifting relevant information from the irrelevant.
  • Network Intelligence Filtering & Target Identification System (NIFTI)
    NIFTI provides the capability to agencies to monitor and/or block dangerous web content and access to deceptive information (fake news) for all or selected users, identified by their mobile numbers. It also allows for the analysis and control of both clear text and encrypted web traffic.
  • Tactical Wi-fi Interception System
    The advanced platform incorporates multiple operational attack vectors that allow the system operators to target, collect and analyze mobile devices and cloud-based data.
  • ADINT Solution
    ADINT is a silent strategic data intelligence (DI) solution. It provides law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the ability to covertly observe and analyze digital user’s footprint trails. Processed into actionable insights, it’s an end-to-end platform for intelligence collection, Enrichment, Analysis & Engagement.
  • Remote Device Data Extraction
    Shoghi develops advanced communication, cyber intelligence, and data extraction solutions for the government and homeland security sectors. Our solutions are designed to overcome various operational challenges and enable field agents to access and collect secured target data in complex scenarios.
  • Dark Web Intelligence
    Shoghi provides intelligence on threats targeting our Military, Government, and Intelligence clients using an automated system that monitors a curated set of Darknet sources. Our Dark Web and Cyber Intelligence solution provide near real-time threat intelligence before, during, and after cyber-attacks that are propagated via the dark web, the deep web, chat rooms, Paste bin sites, and threat actor groups in social networks.