Shoghi takes pride in its ability to set up a full-fledged Integrated Satellite Earth Station capable of retrieving and processing high-resolution images in both the optical and SAR domains for its customers. Our UAV technology outlined in the avionics division is also designed to capture high-quality aerial images day or night. These technological solutions hold tremendous value in innumerable applications including in agriculture, forestry, biodiversity conservation, industry, defense, and intelligence sectors.

  • Satellite High-Resolution ImagingShoghi’s state-of-the-art Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Optical satellite imaging system allows us to offer our customers products and consultancy services for the acquisition and processing of high-resolution images. This, coupled with our proven ability to set up Image Reception Ground Stations for the interception and processing of remote sensing satellite data, makes us one of the key players in the geospatial information processing technology space, capable of providing turnkey solutions in image exploitation, processing, visualization, and management.
  • SAR/Optical Image Acquisition

(B) Optical Surveillance

Our optical surveillance solutions rely heavily on the sophisticated optical and SAR sensors mounted on the payload of our UAVs, which are capable of acquiring and storing/ transmitting high-resolution images and videos of objects on the ground in real-time. Our superior technology ensures the little impact of weather conditions or visibility on the quality of the images captured.

  • Fixed Wing UAV
  • Rotary Wing UAV