Shoghi’s specialized electronic warfare solutions provide the essential support to airborne and ground platforms alike for the interception, monitoring, and jamming of a wide range of electronic signals and transmissions from deep within enemy territory. We ensure that our high precision system design allows the optimum use of our products even in the most severe operating conditions, as well as across varying terrains and against diverse threats.

(A) Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device Jammer

The mounting global threats posed by the common use of RCIEDs by terrorist groups have simultaneously birthed the need for RCIED jammers as a reliable counter-measure. We offer customized jammers that can be configured in various formats, depending on the network in use or threat perception from devices, to meet the operational requirements of our users.

  • Portable Multiband Jammer
  • Manpack RCIED Jammer
  • Vehicular RCIED Jamming System
  • Cell Phone Jammer

(B) Radio Frequency Jammer

We offer superior RF jamming solutions capable of disrupting electronic transmissions of undesirable communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio. Our latest technology in frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) allows our jamming systems to target high-speed hopping radios at long distances.

  • VHF/UHF Frequency Hopping Jamming System
  • Radio Reconnaissance & Jamming Station
  • Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set

(C) Anti-Drone System

Taking cognizance of the threats posed by the increased and easy access Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones have to highly sensitive facilities and military locations, we have developed an anti-drone system with superior 360-degree drone jamming capabilities.

It is an all-weather jamming system capable of detecting, triangulating, and neutralizing a single or a swarm of drones from a range of 3-50 km and an azimuth of 60 degrees, allowing continuous monitoring and maintenance of a large security perimeter.

(D) Area Protection Jammer

Our solutions for area protection involve advanced GPS jamming systems that provide important, high security, and sensitive locations with protection from threats in the form of undesired communications, RCIEDs, or satellite navigations. We also offer jammers targeted at VSAT transmissions, TV and FM channels, satellite phone systems, and cell phones.

  • Prison Cell Phone Jammer
  • Intelligent Prison Jamming System
  • FM Jamming System
  • Satellite Phone Jammer
  • C/Ku-Band DTH/VSAT Jamming System
  • GPS Jammer

(E) ESM/ELINT System

Our robust systems in ESM are designed for the detection, interception, identification, location, and analysis of sources of radiated electromagnetic energy.

The detection of hostile radars (on ground and airborne) even in long ranges is made possible through our sophisticated ELINT system consisting of both static and mobile platforms to suit military needs. To service ECM needs, we offer fully-equipped, superior vehicle-based jammers, targeted at bands used for tactical radio communications on the battlefield.

  • Portable Radar Warning System
  • Radar Signal Detection, Identification, and Direction-Finding System