Shoghi’s reputation in providing civil and military aircraft life cycle support and extension services stems largely from its understanding of the importance of fleet readiness for the military.

We help address the twin challenges of increased workload on the aircraft and budgetary limitations to expanding the fleet size while ensuring the operational readiness of the fleet. This is achieved through our robust and timely maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services comprising spare-part support, engineering support, training exercises, and simulators, which we offer for Fixed- and Rotary- Wing aircraft.

(A) Surveillance Radar

Shoghi’s latest generation airport surveillance radar systems are equipped with primary radars for wide-area surveillance around airfields, and secondary radars for the automatic identification of individual aircraft. The superior technology used in our products is capable of detecting and classifying even small objects such as ultra-lightweight aircraft, slow-flying objects such as helicopters, as well as flocks of birds.

Our scalable and modifiable products boast of radars and sensors that can significantly enhance performance and come with little dependence on frequent operations and maintenance, thereby making them cost-effective and sustainable.

  • Primary Surveillance Radar
  • Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar

(B) Modernization, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

Shoghi’s holistic solutions in this division ensure aircraft readiness, improved safety, and increased autonomy, in addition, to complete support extended to the complex assets, weapons platforms, as well as ground support equipment and components.

Our MRO services for civil aircraft also include modification of aircraft engines and accessories, aircraft structures, aircraft systems and components, avionics, and instruments.

  • Combat Aircrafts
  • Civil Aircrafts
  • Spare Parts

(C) Training & Simulators

Shoghi doesn’t just stop at delivering a product but also ensures that the person possesses the requisite skills and expertise that would reduce service provider dependency. We offer theoretical and practical training services for pilots and ground engineers in key areas of MRO.

  • Theoretical Training
  • Flight Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Simulators


Shoghi’s advanced UAVs, equipped with a payload consisting of still/ video/ infrared/ thermal cameras for enhanced day and night vision, are controlled remotely by operators who have the option of amending their flight path in tandem with evolving situations. In the event of communication failure, the drone is designed to follow a predetermined path based on waypoints using GPS to safely return to landing sites.

  • Fixed Wing UAV
  • Rotary Wing UAV