Shoghi specializes in creating open-source designs and crypto-validated equipment for our valued customers in the military and government. Our strategic communication solutions are considered desirable due to the ease of installation of our hardware systems which is ensured by the customized algorithms created with security concerns in mind.

(A) Cellular Encryption

Shoghi implements multi-level military-grade encryption using a 256/512-bit unique session key, which enables the secure sharing of text, video, or audio messages as well as other files, and user-configurable self-destruction of messages. The application is compatible with any device with functioning data connectivity. We have the bandwidth to set up servers in the customers’ home country to avoid third-party interception.

  • Military Grade Secure Messaging Application – Kalypso

(B) Device Security

Our in-house android phone with a specialized operating system offers our customers security from hackers, kernel-level and malware attacks, and other major vulnerabilities. By permitting the installation of only pre-signed and pre-checked applications, the device boasts additional layers of protection from Trojan attacks and remote intrusions.

  • Secure Hardened Android Phone

(C) Content Filtering & Firewall

Amongst our most innovative products is Netshield, which is a carrier-grade URL filtering solution capable of filtering high bandwidth networks without latency. This technology helps in sifting and blocking content in any language across the web in an accurate and efficient manner, and can be easily configured for use by government and military agencies. One of the key features of this product allows the control of multiple units deployed at different Internet Service Providers from a single control unit.

  • NetShield

(D) Services

  • Algorithms Customization
  • Key Generation
  • Key Management