The Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) division offers products and programs (sensors, platforms, systems, and services) curated for our customers seeking intelligence and counter-intelligence solutions. We boast of experience spanning several years, in providing pre-integrated or site-installable systems for intelligence collection and signal processing.

Shoghi provides complete integrated solutions in communication interception and collection, signal analysis and processing tools, and high-end standalone decoding and demodulation systems that can be integrated into customers’ existing intelligence systems. Our advanced information analysis capabilities allow us to integrate information from various sensors into databases for collation and processing using cutting-edge data analytics tools.

We develop fully integrated sensors with decryption capabilities catering to off-the-air passive monitoring solutions in satellite, submarine, and cellular communications. These products gain remarkable relevance in the current digital age witnessing a boom in mobile communications across the globe, particularly for defense and monitoring agencies working against security threats.

ISR Products:

(A)   Satellite Monitoring


  • Satellite Carrier Reconnaissance and Analysis System
  • C/Ku Band Satellite Monitoring
  • DCME Analysis System
  • GSM Abis Link Monitoring Module
  • IP Link over Satellite Monitoring
  • VSAT Monitoring System
  • Satellite Terminal Geolocation System

(B)   Satellite Phone (GMPCS) Monitoring


  • Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System
  • Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System
  • Tactical Thuraya Monitoring System
  • Strategic C-Band Only Thuraya Monitoring System
  • Iridium Monitoring System
  • Tactical Inmarsat Monitoring System
  • IsatPhone Monitoring System

(C)   GSM Monitoring


  • Passive GSM Monitoring System
  • Wideband Passive GSM Monitoring System
  • Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System
  • 1 Decry­ptor
  • 3G Module
  • 4G/LTE Module
  • Integrated 2G,3G,4G Mobile Detection and Direction Finder
  • GSM Direction Finder
  • Fake BTS Detector
  • Passive CDMA Monitoring System

(D)  Radio Monitoring and Signal Analysis


  • Wi-Fi Interception System
  • HF and VHF-UHF Monitoring System
  • Wideband Search and Interception Receiver
  • Multi-Channel Interception and Logging System
  • RF/IF Record and Playback System
  • Shoghi Wideband Direction Finder
  • Signal Classification and Analysis System
  • Microwave Monitoring, Logging, and Analysis
  • GSM Backhaul Monitoring Systems

(E) Lawful Interception


  • Digital Voice and Fax Monitoring System
  • Lawful Interception Solution for Fixed Line
  • Lawful Interception Solution for Cellular Network
  • Lawful IP Monitoring With Https Decoding
  • Submarine Cable Monitoring System
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Country Wide Network Intelligence and Target Geo-Location