Mege Shelters is a manufacturer of prefabricated houses and modular shelters based in Shiqiao Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China. Mege Shelters’s mission is to become one of the top suppliers of composite sandwich panels and related products, including truck bodies, containers, shelters and modular houses.

Mege Shelters is one of the main members of the China Container Industry Association. Our products, including containers and shelters, have been widely used in industries such as oil exploration, air monitoring, field construction and military projects. Our environmentally friendly and energy-saving product designs not only meet customer demands at home and abroad, they also lead the industry trends.

Over the years Mege Shelters has created an independent technology system of composite panels, developed a variety of container prefabricated houses and modular houses, and won national awards. Mege Shelters has industry professionals working on its team to ensure the best products are delivered to its customers.

Prefabricated container houses

Mege Shelters’ containers and shelters are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic materials. Our shelters are used as offices, mobile toilets, military shelters, camping shelters, monitoring shelters, container generator rooms, communications shelters, prefab houses and container police kiosks.

The modified sea container house has a long service life and is a solid structure that is resistant to high impact, earthquake and fires. The container can be designed and modified according to customers demands. At Mege Shelters we can install doors, windows, circuit systems and other facilities if needed.

Mege Shelters’ flagship product is the composite colour-bond container house. This is made from coloured-bond sandwich panels as the main material, together with a steel frame and other materials. The structure is divided into simple C-style and standard E-style. The composite colour-bond container house is a robust structure, at a reasonable cost. It is easy and quick to install, and it can meet large-scale demands in a short time.

Truck exteriors for military use

Mege Shelters manufactures truck exteriors and trailers for military use. The truck bodies are made from a patented structure design, fibre glass and reinforced plastic panels, which give the user a high intensity, corrosion-proof and lightweight exterior. Mege Shelters has become one of the leading suppliers of FRP truck bodies in the Chinese market with 3,000 units manufactured per year.

Modular houses

Mege Shelters modular houses are demountable, have a short construction period and a low price. The parts and connectors used in the wooden houses are part of standard production. This reduces the operating strength and the amount of labour needed.

SIP’s houses are generally used as single family villas, but they can also be used as apartment buildings, low-rise commercial buildings, public buildings, family housing, outdoor villas, prefabricated shops, offices and resorts. SIP houses can be designed and built in accordance with customers’ individual requirements.

Environmentally friendly composite panels

Our composite panels are environmentally friendly and save energy for our clients. They can be used on a variety of truck bodies, trailers and container houses.

After many years of success in the industry Mege Shelters has become a certified supplier to many great clients such as the Chinese Navy and the technology company, Sinopec.