Elite Ventures is a European company based in UAE, which manufactures and installs camp accommodation projects. We have built up a vast amount of experience over the years due to the amount of projects that we have undertaken. We have the ability to built living accommodations, such as sleeping units, offices, support units, fully equipped kitchen units, water treatment portable units, generator container units, freezer units and many more.

Elite Ventures specializes in fabricating accommodation units by using ISO Steel Containers, Prefabricated (Flat packs) and Trailer caravans of sizes 20ft and 40ft.

ISO steel accommmodation containers

Elite Ventures supplies all types of ISO steel accomodation containers in all sizes, the most common of which are the 20ft and 40ft containers. These containers can be either brand new, or recycled out of five-to-ten years old and in excellent condition.

Elite offers an unparalleled level of design flexibility and can accommodate any suggestions or special requirements a client might have. The containers usually come fully-furnished, containing all the furniture for the specified unit, with AC, water-heaters and more, depending on the unit type.

Elite Ventures base camp construction with ISO steel containers or with prefab housing.
Elite Ventures utilities containers –water treatment- sewage treatment- fuel station- power station ablution block connected with septic tank.
Elite Ventures containers interiors- sleepers –dining-medic-ablution-kitchen.
Elite Ventures flat pack prefabricated accommodation –ideal for fast deployment.
Elite Ventures modular building 30 m2 up to 2000 m2.

ISO steel and prefab flat pack accommodation containers

Construction camps, mining and military housing needs, and industrial facilities are just some of the areas where flat pack accommodation containers may prove useful and cost effective. Modular buildings are an ideal solution in remote or rural areas, especially in situations where construction may prove inconvenient or even impossible.

Trailer caravans and mobile homes

House-trailers and mobile homes are accommodations that are usually manufactured off-site in factories. These types of accommodations usually consist of very strong trailer frames, axles, wheels and tow-hitches. Due to the fact that house-trailers are on wheels; they have the advantage of easy relocation at any time with no hassle. Most measure 30ft in length.

Custom rapid-deployment military feld accommodation

All Elite Venture products are produced in the company’s own warehouses, with stringent attention being paid to client requests and specifications. This helps the company accommodate a client’s every specific material requirements, as offering the customer high quality bespoke products is of paramount importance to Elite. To ensure high quality, all materials are carefully sourced from the finest suppliers in the UAE and Europe. In addition, Elite’s manufacturing
facilities are designed to take into account any sudden raise in production capacity in case a client requires to rapidly setup a camp. Subsequently, the reliability, mobility and fast deployment of equipment is of equal importance to Elite Ventures.

Elite Ventures offers design services for any type of camp in any climate around the world. This service lets the client focus on his core business while we work in the background to support his plans to house senior and junior staff at the site. Elite Ventures engineers incorporate all of the expected options into camp design, comfort amenities, recreation facilities, energy efficiency, support equipment design, safety, and emergency planning.