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Man-Portable Diesel and Heavy-Fuel Generators and Auxiliary Power Units

27 Muller Road,
Oakland, NJ 07436,
United States of America


The Dewey Electronics Corporation, a publicly traded small business (OTCBB: DEWY) located in Oakland, New Jersey, is a leader in the design and manufacture of diesel-powered compact portable generators, auxiliary power units (APUs), and tactical power systems.

Military tactical generators

Since 1996 Dewey has provided the US DoD with the portable 2kW Military Tactical Generator (MTG). We have fielded over 20,000 units of this PM – Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP) type certified standard generator. The MTG is available as either a 28V DC set (MEP-95-501A, NSN 6115-01-435-1567) or as a 120V 60Hz set (MEP-95-531A, NSN 6115-01-435-1565).

The MEP-95-501A provides 2kW of 28V DC and weighs 148lb with four hours of fuel in the on-board tank. It operates on diesel or JP-8 fuel and is available in green or tan.

Producing 2kW of 120V, 60Hz of power the MEP-95-531A runs for four hours at full load fueled by the on-board fuel tank. The set weighs 153lb (wet) and is available in green or tan.

Hybrid generators and auxiliary power units

Incorporating battery monitoring and battery charging controls into our digital generator controller, Dewey provides a variety of hybrid battery charging DC generators and APUs for system integration.

Whether it’s an open frame generator / APU such as our Battery Charging Auxiliary Power Unit (BAPU) or an enclosed trailer mounted configuration, Dewey’s designs are capable of sensing the battery’s charge level, automatically starting and charging the battery to a preset state of charge, and then turning off until recharging is needed again. The hybrid system saves fuel and can be integrated with renewable sources of energy such as solar or wind.

Our improved BAPU, based on the 3.5kW design supplied to the USMC, now provides 4kW of 28V DC and can be trailer mounted or placed on the ground for operation as either a battery charger or hybrid power system. This DC APU provides significant fuel savings over an AC generator and battery charge combination when charging batteries for power system applications.

The enclosed 2kW 28V DC hybrid APU is capable of charging deep discharged Hawker AGM batteries and is designed for trailer mounting where noise considerations are a concern. Our unique current limiting battery charging feature prevents the batteries from overloading the generator when charging deep discharged batteries.

Our open frame 2kW hybrid generator is ideal for applications where a small generator is needed to perform like a larger rated generator. This unit can easily charge a bank of six Hawker AGM batteries configured for 24V DC use. It can be trailer mounted, container mounted, or placed on the ground as the standby power source for your hybrid system. The digital controller allows charging of AGM, lithium, and lead acid chemistries, and provides auto-start and auto-stop to conserve fuel.

Vehicle APUs

Dewey now manufactures the Goodman Ball-designed 5kW APU. The MEP-952B, NSN 6115-01-452-6513, is a power source for the M577 and M1068 armored personnel carriers. The system is designed to withstand severe environmental conditions such as high temperatures, high altitudes, sand, dust, ice, rain, etc. In addition, the aluminum armor plated enclosure protects the system from battlefield conditions.

The Dewey-designed Enclosed Vehicle Power System (EVPS) provides 4kW of 28V DC power in an enclosed unit that can be mounted from three of its main axes. This adaptability allows it to be a multi-purpose APU.

Power systems and power management engineering

Dewey provides power engineering designs for your system needs. We can specify and manufacture the power source, control system and power distribution, including power conversion as required. Dewey is your one stop for all of your power system needs.

The Dewey Model 531A

The Dewey Model 531A (PM-MEP Model 95-531A) is a portable, highly reliable, lightweight unit that provides 2000 Watts of 120V DC power and has established itself as the mainstay of portable power for military applications worldwide.

The Dewey Model 501A

The Dewey Model 501A (PM- MEP Model 95-501A) is a portable, highly reliable, lightweight unit that provides 2000 Watts of 28V DC power and has established itself as the mainstay of portable power for military applications worldwide.

Dewey Electronics Corporation to Participate in Two Industry Events

The Dewey Electronics Corporation, a small business concern based in Oakland, NJ, has announced it will participate in two industry events this month. The first event is the Marine South exposition at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, which takes place from 22 April to 23 April. The focus

The Dewey Electronics Corporation

27 Muller Road

Oakland, NJ 07436


United States of America