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Hispano Vema

NBC / CBRN Decontamination and Protection Systems and Mobile Field Camps

Hispano Vema manufactures and supplies turnkey projects with special attention to quick deployment and high operability.

Polígono San Valero Nave 70,
Carretera Castellon,
50013 Zaragoza,

Polígono San Valero Nave 70,
Carretera Castellon,
50013 Zaragoza,

Decontamination systems

Hispano Vema manufactures and supplies turnkey projects with customised solutions for themilitary industry, with a particualr focus on chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination and field camp systems.

High-quality decontamination systems, shelters, and containers

Hispano Vema’s extensive army and emergency situation experience from around the world allows it to design and manufacture complete high quality systems.

The firm’s equipment is focused on nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) decontamination systems, semi-permanent shelters and integrated containers equipped with NBC protection, water treatment plants, and mobile field hospitals.

Systems are customised to meet specific requirements, and the company offers after-sales services to clients.

The firm’s wide range of NBC decontamination systems and mobile shelters are engineered to meet ISO, Nato and STANAG standards in all its range of products.

Portable NBC decontamination systems

Hispano Vema’s portable NBC decontamination systems and accessories, ATM 10 and ATM 2, are designed for instant decontamination of individual protective gear and rooms with any given chemical or biological threat.

The systems are manually rechargeable with RD30 and RD20 decontaminating agents.

High-performance units for decontaminating military personnel and vehicles

The autonomous lightweight decontamination system ATILA 14/11 is a high-performance unit used for personnel, vehicles, terrain and equipment.

The system uses saturated steam and liquid decontaminating agents. It can be adapted to meet the individual needs of customers, and can be incorporated into various systems.

ATILA 14/11 is compact, which facilitates its transport, storage, and manipulation. This also permits the system to be integrated into trailers, shelters or containers to satisfy NBC decontamination needs.

One ATILA 14/11can supply decontamination for up to 30-50 people per hour, 16 vehicles per hour or up to 12,000m² continuously.

Tents for mass decontamination of military personnel and civilians

The NBC mass decontamination system of personnel is developed to supply decontamination for 500 people per hour, both walking or on stretchers.

Hispano Vema’s inflatable HVI tent is the base structure for this system. This is built with a lightweight waterproof and fireproof textile. These tents are quick and easy to deploy.

The NBC decontamination unit is a high-performance AQUILES PLUS for treating personnel and self-decontamination of the system.

Heavy-duty containment systems for treating contaminated military vehicles

The heavy-duty decontamination system for vehicles (EPD), is contained in an ISO 20ft container.

The unit is intended for NBC decontamination of any kind of vehicle, in a quick and semiautomatic manner, achieving maximum levels of treatment.

Height and width of the structural metal arc can be adjusted to any military ground vehicle. The arc is also equipped with rotating nozzles for decontaminating with high-pressure foam formation of the liquid decontaminating agent.

Portable shelters for airtight protection against NBC threats

Hispano Vema’s mobile command posts and shelters formed by HVI tents or expandable containers can be integrated with protection against NBC attacks when fitted with a NBC / high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filtration unit.

This unit generates an overpressure inside the compartment and integrated with a closed air conditioning circuit, providing a safe airtight area protected against NBC threats.

The firm designs projects to meet any customer requirements, as well as adhere to high regulation standards, and to provide the best quality final turnkey product.

Mobile field hospitals and camps

Hispano Vema’s wide range of shelters and water purifying systems offer flexible solutions for field hospitals and mobile camps.

HVI tents can be attached in diverse layouts to provide quick and easy deployment of a large CBRN secure area.

The firm also provides water purification and storage systems to supply the field hospital or camp.

Hispano Vema

Polígono San Valero Nave 70

Carretera Castellon