Development Engineering & Enterprise (DEE) WeeVil 2 Light All Terrain Vehicles

DEE is an independent, privately owned British company founded in 2005, it has quickly established a reputation and a following, both in the UK and at the international level. It offers a comprehensive package of engineering services specifically to provide third party clients with the level of flexibility and resources support.

DEE’s in-house resources are supported and extended through the company’s network of external specialists, partners, subcontractors and suppliers. The organisation works seamlessly to provide integrated, customer and programme focused engineering solutions.

DEE also provides a comprehensive range of engineering services, and is engaged at the forefront of future concept development – such as its ANT (All-terraiN Transporter) programme – for a future light, multi-role vehicle for military applications


WeeViL 2 (Wheeled Vehicle Light), is DEE’s latest all new, light, air-portable rapid intervention, assault and reconnaissance vehicle. The WeeViL programme demonstrates DEE’s proven capability to identify, capture, analyse and then deliver effective, innovative and viable solutions to meet military tactical and special operational needs.

WeeViL is derived from the company’s previous and successful ‘proof of concept’ programme, which utilised a commercially available race car product. Now, DEE has developed its own platform, specifically designed for military applications, whilst retaining a high degree of standard COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) componentry.

The new two seat, Side-By-Side (SBS) configuration offers significantly increased accommodation and payload, improved handling and performance, and the inclusion of a diesel engine, inline with preference for single battlefield fuel.


The new vehicle incorporates a completely revised powertrain. Engine power is now provided by a 0.8 litre, 3-cylinder common rail direct injection diesel engine, turbocharged and inter-cooled to produce 41bhp and a robust 100Nm of torque.

Manual or automatic transmission options are available, driving through an intermediate transfer box, which incorporates selectable high or low ratio, two or four-wheel-drive. Final drive is delivered via independent shafts, from front and rear differentials.


The chassis is incorporated within a tubular space frame design, which is cross-braced and stiffened to provide exceptional strength. The base configuration is designed for a two-seater crew, sitting side by side. A single seat and other optional layouts will be available. Bucket seats with three-point racing harnesses are fitted for crew security and safety.


Overall dimensions have been designed to fulfil specific operational requirements of air-portability. WeeViL 2 is 2,880mm in length, 1,600mm wide and 2,170mm in height. Wheelbase is 2170mm and ground clearance, 300mm. Independent double wishbone suspension, front and rear, provide 300mm of wheel travel. Disc brakes are fitted all round.

The all-up package is designed at 1,200kg gross vehicle weight, with an unladen weight of just 650kg, to optimise stowage and payload. WeeViL 2 also has a towing capacity of 600kg. Stowage, equipment and fuel capacity can be specified to suit specific operational requirements.

The base vehicle concept includes 1,000L of modular stowage and both 30L and 60L fuel tanks are available, depending on required range. The standard electrical system is 12V – with a 24V supplementary supply available as an option.

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PO Box 4941

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United Kingdom

+44 1926 311 915 +44 8708 793 025

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