PlastPack Defence (PPD) is an innovative Danish company, serving the defence industry and specialising in the development and production of lightweight packaging solutions for military transportation, handling and storage of hazardous, high valuable and fragile goods according to military requirements.

Light Weight Ammunition Case

Our first success is the LWAC® Light Weight Ammunition Case, where we were contracted by NAMMO Raufoss A/S to design, develop, qualify and market the lightweight, high-density plastic, small-calibre ammunition case. The case is based on PPD´s newly patented design ideas and PPD´s specially developed raw-material resins. And together with armed forces in Europe and the US, we have developed a fully replaceable 1-2-1 drop-in case.

We are able to incorporate RFID, improve stacking, reduce transportation loads, there is no risk of sparks, and in case of a sudden fire, the plastic will melt away, ensuring that shrapnel from the steel case doesn’t hit or cause damage to its surroundings or soldiers. The higher UN-rating, further increases its usages, meaning it can be used for the transportation of chemicals too.

Key features include:

PPD specialises in ammunition boxes and lightweight packaging solutions for military applications.
PlastPack Defence (PPD) produces lightweight packaging solutions according to military requirements.
Our lightweight ammunition case (LWAC) has a high-density plastic, small-calibre design.
We have developed a fully replaceable one-to-one drop-in case, in collaboration with the US and European Armed Forces.
We have developed a fully replaceable one-to-one drop-in case, in collaboration with the US and European Armed Forces.
The PA-20 is part of our lightweight ammunition packaging range and was first showcased at DSEI 2017.
PPD's 19in rack cases provide extensive protection for the most sensitive military equipment.
Our line of United Nations (UN) approved cases have been designed to safely deliver hazardous goods.
All our UN-approved cases include hinged lids and ergonomic handles for easy handling, storage and packaging.

• Reduced weight, more than 68% lower than existing steel boxes

• Improved stacking capability which allows cross stacking both 90° and vertical stacking

• Improved thermal capacity, with reduced heat transfer

• Prepared for built-in RFID tags for tracking and controlling

• Low noise during handling and contact with steel surfaces

• No risk of sparks

• Fully compatible with existing steel boxes

• Tested according to all applicable MIL-STD, STANAG / MOPI and DEF-STAN requirements

• UN-Approved, UN 4H2 / 21.5 / S / 15 / DK / ETi-15003 / PPD Regulations (ADR Convention) for safe land, air and sea transport of hazardous goods

• Fully recyclable / reusable

The agreement (MOU) with Nammo Roufoss AS spans more than ten years in order to manufacture the drop-in replacement ammunition cases for 5.56mm and 12.7mm ammunition. This new design concept for ammunition cases will reduce the weight by 68%, improve storage and packaging stability, enhanced thermal features and provide increased shock resistance. We are now entering the final test and qualification phase according to military standards.


Our second success and constant effort to optimise the logistical and tactical storage of ammunition continues with the PA-120 in a close collaboration with Rheinmetall.

Weight reduction, improved logistics, reduced transportation risk is just a few, of the many, unique features this new model will bring to market in the expanding light weight ammunition packaging range. DSEi 2017 acted as the scene of the unveiling of the first 3D printed PA-120, incorporating all of the features and learnings from the LWAC®-M2A1. It is a one-to-one replacement, saves about two-thirds of the weight, has improved stacking capability, is unable to inflict damage to the rounds in transport and will vaporise in fire, keeping forces safe from metal shrapnel in case of an explosion.

“The corporation with Rheinmetall only strengthens our belief in what we do. Combined with the constant restrains on defence budgets and rising environmental awareness corporations such as this, enforces our strategic work. Together with the M2A1, the PA-120 will ensure that the most commonly used ammunition storage containers are available in a lightweight, cost saving alternative,” says Jan Engmann, CEO of PPD.

The PA-120 will be available in the same colour variations as the M2A1 (green, red, yellow and blue) to further reduce the logistical necessities when transporting ammunition from theatre / training to and from storage sites.

About PlastPack Defence

PPD specialises in the production of ammunition boxes and lightweight containers for ammunition, explosives and weapons, as well as packaging solutions for transportation, storage and handling.

All our products are tested according to relevant environmental standards such as MIL-STD, STANAG / MOPI, DEF-STAN and the UN ADR convention.