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Operations Centre, Eastington Bridge, Gloucestershire, Stonehouse, GL10 3SQ,Other, United Kingdom

Operations Centre, Eastington Bridge, Gloucestershire, Stonehouse, GL10 3SQ,Other, United Kingdom

Since incorporation in 2002, International Intelligence has provided services worldwide, including due diligence, private and corporate investigations, technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) and counter espionage services.

Military, corporate, financial and personal fraud investigations

From corporate fraud and financial investigations to matrimonial affairs, our experts will thoroughly investigate any incident. Once all evidence has been gathered, International Intelligence will advise the client on how best to proceed. Surveillance and background checks can be carried out in support of an investigation to build a bigger picture.

Intelligence gathering and investigation capabilities

Utilising our intelligence gathering and investigation capabilities, we are able to provide a full picture enabling sound policy decisions and protection against fraudulent business ventures.

Litigation support: counter espionage, corporate intelligence, surveillance, investigation and due diligence

International Intelligence will provide an ethical and proficient service for all areas of the legal sector. We have vast experience in providing long or short term litigation support in the form of counter espionage, corporate intelligence, surveillance, investigation and due diligence. Our largest case to date was valued just short of $1 billion.

Counter intelligence and espionage

International Intelligence’s counter espionage expertise holds a firm prominence in the world today. Our computer specialists and former intelligence officers enable us to present this service proficiently and confidently. Our understanding of technical espionage, including that of lawful telephone and email interception, is utilised by both commercial and governmental sectors.

Surveillance personnel teams

Our surveillance teams are drawn from former intelligence service and special forces personnel, all of whom are trained in the latest technical techniques. Surveillance is carried out by both male and female operatives and can, as with investigations, be part of a larger covert operation.

Computer forensics

Our computer forensics team have vast expertise in areas such as denial of service (DOS) attacks, Trojan virus detection and data recovery. Computer security reviews and attack tests form only part of this specialist service, being bound only by the perimeters you choose to set.

About International Intelligence

International Intelligence Limited provides up-to-date intelligence and investigation services with a strong emphasis on technical capability in support of operational tasks.

Our head of investigations is John Bennett QPM, a former head of a Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Head of Crime Management of a UK provincial police service; John also headed the investigation of the infamous British serial killers Fred and Rose West.

Company personnel are drawn from various law enforcement, military, intelligence and financial backgrounds and we have a number of specialists in areas such as, computer forensic analysis, forensic accounting, lawful covert-satellite tracking, and telephone and email interception.

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