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Armoured Utility Vehicles

Since its inception in 1911, the South African company Protected Mobility (a division of DCD GROUP (Pty) Ltd) has established itself as a fully accredited, socially responsible, international systems house.

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Since its inception in 1911, the South African company Protected Mobility (a division of DCD GROUP (Pty) Ltd) has established itself as a fully accredited, socially responsible, international systems house. DCD Protected Mobility provides sustainable products and solutions to the transport and defence sectors by developing intellectual property in partnership with governments, customers, suppliers and communities.

Combat-proven landmine detection systems

DCD Protected Mobility designs and manufactures the world’s leading combat-proven landmine detection system, ‘The Chubby’, also known as the Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD). The Husky vehicle, which is the core of the system, is a unique detection vehicle that is blast survivable, overpass capable and field reparable.

Based on the Husky’s success in service, and through observing the heavy MRAP vehicles’ restricted mobility in urban areas and arduous terrain, DCD Protected Mobility has developed a revolutionary new armoured utility vehicle called ‘The Mountain Lion’. This versatile vehicle is capable of fulfilling multiple roles on the battlefield. Engineered for demandingly high payload while ensuring crew survivability, the Mountain Lion extends expeditionary capabilities and can be transported in a C-130 aircraft.

Ballistic protection for peacekeeping and defence operations

The Mountain Lion is also ideally suited for peacekeeping and policing operations. Its unique design incorporates a single piece v-shaped armoured hull, ensuring maximum protection from blast threats. Superb ballistic protection (also from IEDs and EFPs) is achieved. Enclosure of all sub-systems within the hull ensures protection of critical components. The vehicle can carry a crew of up to two, plus eight soldiers complete with kit.

The Mountain Lion has a single-piece armoured hull for blast protection and can carry up to ten people.
Load capacity and commercial components make the Mountain Lion a versatile and easy-to-maintain vehicle.
Four-wheel steer reduces the Mountain Lion's turning circle and aids mobility, particularly in built-up areas.
Our wide range of armoured vehicles includes the Springbuck® APC, the Genet balistically protected all-terrain vehicle and the Nyala multi-role armoured vehicle.

Engineering for various defence environments and scenarios

Tactical mobility, crew comfort and improved mission endurance is achieved through the combination of a powerful 300hp engine coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission, double wishbone fully independent suspension and intelligent damping. The Mountain Lion is equipped with a unique four-wheel steer system, reducing the turning circle to 12m and thus enhancing the Mountain Lion’s mobility in close terrain and urban areas.

The vehicle is fitted with an air conditioner as well as a diesel heater allowing occupants to operate comfortably in both desert and arctic conditions. Blast attenuating seats and energy-absorbing floor panels augment crew protection. A 570A alternator, delivering 14kW-supplies power through a unique power management system, is installed to operate communication, surveillance and other electronic equipment. An AFES provides fire suppression capabilities in the crew and engine compartments, and for the fuel tank and tyres.

Use of commercial components in the Mountain Lion simplifies maintenance and logistics support. The Mountain Lion’s ample load capacity allows it to fulfil command and control functions as well as route clearance and combat support roles. Easy access and egress is through pneumatic assisted side and rear doors. Water White clear armoured windows provide excellent all round visibility. A robust ring bearing assembly easily accepts a weapons station or turret of the customer’s choice.

Route clearance for military personnel and civilians

Working with US-based international marketing partners, Critical Solutions International, we have successfully type classified the VMMD system on a US Government Program of Record acquisition. The Husky has seen combat across the globe, facilitating fast and efficient route clearance, creating safe passage for military personnel and civilians.

A Husky can pass over pressure fused anti-vehicle landmines without detonating them. In the event of a detonation, the components have been engineered in a unique modular configuration and will break apart in a predictable fashion, facilitating fast in-field repairs. The system clears a 3m-wide path travelling at speeds between 15km/hr and 50km/hr.

Huskies in service worldwide have collectively been subjected to thousands of landmines, IED or EFP strikes. A two-seater variant ‘The Husky 2G’, allowing splitting of tasks between the driver and operator of the detection equipment, is now available.

Ballistic and mine-protected armoured personnel carrier

The Springbuck® ballistic and mine protected armoured personnel carrier is owned in its design and entirety by DTM. This vehicle derives its name from the famous antelope known for its toughness and sure-footed dexterity. Each unit is built to stringent quality levels and can be adapted to any of our client’s individual specifications. The Springbuck® is classed as a MKIII armoured vehicle.

Various levels of protection can be offered as well as a full range of accessories offered to the armoured vehicle industry. The Springbuck®’s excellent design, workmanship and reliable performance continues to impress our clients everywhere in the field of application.

The modular interior layout of the Springbuck® can, at additional costs, be changed to re-configure the vehicle for any one of the following roles:

  • Command and control vehicle
  • Tactical patrol vehicle
  • Tactical fire-support vehicle
  • Tactical ambulance with stretcher for patients

We offer our users a package of total life-cycle support, providing maintenance, repair and engineering services, logistics information, product support, training and field support.


  • The Mountain Lion

    The Mountain Lion is a revolutionary new Armoured Utility Vehicle ideally suited for peacekeeping and policing operations. Its unique design incorporates a single piece v-shaped armoured hull ensuring maximum protection from blast threats.

Press Releases

  • DCD Protected Mobility Acquires the Springbuck APC Range

    DCD Protected Mobility, has acquired the Springbuck® Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) range from Drakensberg Truck Manufacturers and has begun marketing these home grown vehicles alongside its existing range of sustainable products for the defence and security sectors.

  • Husky 2G Honoured as US Army’s Greatest Invention for 2011

    Hailed by the US Army for "demonstrating significant impact to army capabilities, potential benefits outside the army and inventiveness", the South African made Husky 2G VMMD (vehicle mounted mine detector) has received one of the highest accolades in the military world and has been crowned as the US Army's Greatest Invention for 2011.

  • RSD and CSI to Exhibit at DSEI 2011

    South African company RSD (a division of DCD-DORBYL (Pty) Ltd) together with our US-based partner, Critical Solutions International, will exhibit at DSEi for the first time during September 2011. On display at the Chemring stand will be our world famous Husky mine detection vehicle fitt

  • RSD Secures Large VMMD Order From USA

    RSD, DCD DORBYL's Rolling Stock and Defense Division, has secured a follow on order for the supply of an additional 118 Vehicle Mounted Mine Detection (VMMD) systems, also known as the Chubby System, to the United States Army. Further orders are anticipated from both the US Army and US Marine Cor


  • Husky 2G Mine Detection Vehicle

    Husky 2G is a two-seat variant of Husky MKIII vehicle mounted mine detector (VMMD) designed and manufactured by South African firm, DCD Protected Mobility (DCD PM).

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