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Military-grade Tyre Sealants for Defence Vehicles

OKO Global is a UK-based manufacturer of durable military-grade tyre sealants.

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OKO Global is a UK-based manufacturer of durable military-grade tyre sealants.

The company aims to develop anti-puncture products that keep vehicles moving and prevent downtime, ensuring tyres last longer while saving both money and lives.

OKO is an innovative business that is consistently developing its formulae to ensure the best possible solutions for the defence sector.

Preventative tyre sealant for military vehicles

The original modern-day preventative puncture sealant was invented by OKO chemists in the UK alongside specialist institutions such as Rubber Consultants.

OKO Global is an industry-leader in the manufacture of tyre sealants for military vehicles.
A Land Rover. Image courtesy of OKO Global.
OKO is trusted by defence forces around the world.
OKO has participated in a training session with Nigerian military personnel.
OKO's tyre sealants are specially designed for use in tough military applications.
OKO can supply tyre sealants for extreme weather conditions, such as arctic temperatures.

OKO offers an unmatched range of specialist tyre sealant grades for all types of on-road and off-road vehicles.

High-strength puncture sealing for extended tyre life

The strength of the OKO puncture seal was tested by Armscor’s Gerotek military testing facility in South Africa.

The seal was found to be 1.6 times stronger than a vulcanised repair and seven times stronger than a plug repair.

A matched test between two trucks in Poland also showed that the OKO sealed tyre had a 20% longer life than the one without.

Military puncture sealant deployment

Since the 1980s, OKO puncture-free sealants have been trialled and deployed by armed forces around the world.

During a test conducted by the British Army in Aldershot, Land Rover vehicles sustained 30 punctures but tyre pressure remained strong several weeks later, while trucks were also successfully protected.

OKO sealants are non-hazardous, inflammable, and can be specially tailored for deployment in extreme weather conditions.

Tyre sealant certified by NATO, SEATO and international armed forces

OKO was extensively tested and proven by the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) in Australia and obtained product identification number M80Z and reference number 8050-66-103-8877. This led to NATO awarding OKO ‘Sealant Tyre’ reference NSN 8030-99-242-9020.

International forces that have used OKO include Algeria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Jordan, Lithuania, Morocco, and Nigeria, as well as UN peacekeeping missions.

Military service applications and payback calculation

OKO tyre sealants are particularly suited for use in wheeled engineer plants, logistic vehicles, motorbikes, covert vans, ambulances, mechanical handling equipment, and demountable rack offload and pickup system (DROPS) vehicles that do not carry a spare tyre.

The payback calculation is simple; the cost of fitting OKO to all tyres is paid back when just one puncture is sealed.

Safety for personnel during defence operations

OKO can give limited protection from small arms fire and is a major safety aid against deliberate puncturing spikes placed by the enemy.

In large tyres, holes with a diameter as large as 20mm can be sealed. Where the damage is too extensive, OKO will slow down deflation to allow for safe escape from traps.

OKO’s Mining X-Tra Heavy Duty tyre sealant (for large tyres), OKO Off Road (for all types of off-road uses) and OKO Truck & Bus (for faster-moving on-road medium to heavy vehicles) are easy to apply from their 25L drums, with a drum pump that injects OKO through the valve stem.

White Papers

  • OKO Military Data Sheet

    How OKO best operates: OKO Tire Sealant is best used in pre-emptive mode. Pre-treated tires on British Army Land Rovers (tested at Aldershot barracks) sustained up to 30 punctures in each tire. Negligible air loss was experienced and the vehicles were operational some weeks later.

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