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Assured Mobility for Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Pearson Engineering is a supplier of counter-IED, counter-mine, combat earth moving and assault bridging equipment for armoured fighting vehicles.

Armstrong Works,
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Pearson Engineering

Pearson Engineering is a supplier of Counter-IED, Counter-Mine, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridging equipment for Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

Pearson Engineering provides ‘Assured Mobility’ to Combat Operations by supplying vehicle attachments which can be quickly and easily attached, released and interchanged.

Pearson Engineering products include Mine Ploughs, Combat Dozer Blades, Earth Anchor Blades, Excavator Arms, Bridge Launch Mechanisms, Mine Rollers, Surface Clearance Devices, Obstacle Marker Systems, IED Route Clearance Equipment and Vehicle Control Systems.

Pearson Engineering equipment fitted to the US Assault Breacher Vehicle. The attachments can be interchanged to provide configurable and flexible capability to Commanders.
The Combat Dozer Blade provides a powerful earth and obstacle moving capability to combat operations.
The Earth Anchor Blade anchors the host vehicle in place to provide a winching capability for recovery tasks.
The Excavator Arm allows vehicles to move obstacles found within the intended route to make a clear area.
The Bridge Launch Mechanism fitted to the Stryker Engineer vehicle. It can be quickly and easily launched and recovered.
The Surface Clearance Device clears threats laid on a variety of surface conditions by using independently moving segments to follow ground contours.
The Obstacle Marker System uses marker poles to indicate the presence of a safe route or area.
PEROCC provides a suite of interchangeable Counter-IED tools to detect mines, explore and pre-detonate threats from under armour without the need to dismount.

Our products are designed to breach mine fields or to protect the host vehicle and those travelling within it or to ensure safe and clear mobility across a variety of landscapes, be it in combating obstacles or bridging gaps. They are battle proven and have undergone extensive field tests to ensure their suitability to operations.

Our field support representatives provide customers with a reliable, flexible and responsive service. Pearson Engineering currently provides worldwide 24hr, seven days a week on-call assistance in support of its military equipment and systems.

Our facilities in Newcastle upon Tyne include the iconic Armstrong Works and a design and prototyping facility in the city suburbs. These unrivalled facilities give us an immediate on-site dedicated machining, fabrication and assembly capability for the rapid prototyping and production of defence material.

Counter-Mine Ploughs

Pearson Engineering has developed two types of Mine Plough for mine clearance. The Full Width Mine Plough provides the ability to produce a safe and mine-free cleared lane for following vehicles. It clears concealed or buried mines found within the path of the full width of the vehicle, by bringing them to the surface and moving them wide and clear of the vehicle. The Track Width Mine Plough uses the same concept to provide vehicle self-protection. It uses two sets of tines to create a cleared path for its tracks to follow.

Combat Dozer Blades

The Combat Dozer Blade enables vehicles to rapidly move obstacles, creating a clear route for following operations; it is suitable for moving earth, rubble and obstacles, to fill ditches.

Earth Anchor Blades

The Earth Anchor Blade attaches to the front of the vehicle and holds it static in order to provide a platform for recovery operations in a wide range of ground conditions. It is engineered to withstand anchoring forces and maintains the centre of gravity close to the vehicle structure to ensure stability.

Excavator Arms

The Excavator Arm enables a vehicle to dig, demolish, remove obstacles and fill trenches to create a clear route. The system comprises a boom, arm and bucket and a stabilising dozer blade. It is a self-contained product which includes its own engine, batteries and fuel system.

Bridge Launch Mechanisms

The Bridge Launch Mechanism enables a wide range of combat vehicles to launch and recover assault bridging in less than two minutes from under armour without permanently changing the role of the host vehicle. The Bridge Launch Mechanism is fitted to the front of the vehicle and allows the bridge to be stowed, launched and recovered using a single system. The system is lightweight and is designed to minimise the impact on vehicle mobility.

Mine Rollers

Pearson Engineering has developed a range of Mine Rollers, each optimised for use on heavy tracked, medium tracked, medium wheeled or MRAP vehicles. They work by applying pressure to the ground ahead of the host vehicle to detonate mines and IEDs before the vehicle and its crew reach them. Pearson Engineering rollers can be used for self-protection or proofing.The roller range includes the Self Protection Combat Roller, Light Weight Proofing Roller, Light Weight Mine Roller, SPARK II and Super Light Weight Roller.

Surface Clearance Devices

There are two types of Surface Clearance Device; one is optimised with a V-blade and one with an angled blade. The V-blade is designed to move surface laid mines and ordnance from roads, tracks and rough terrain to provide a cleared route or area and the angled blade is used to clear obstacles from a route. Individual segments of a full width blade follow the ground contours to move threats.

Obstacle Marker System

The Obstacle Marker System fires a payload from a vehicle into the ground to mark safe routes or areas. The system is mounted onto the vehicle and it fires marker poles into the ground at controlled intervals. The Obstacle Marker System gives a host vehicle the ability to clearly mark out hazardous areas such as the edges of a minefield breached lane.

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  • Assault Bridging

    The Pearson Engineering Bridge Launch Mechanism (BLM) allows Combat Vehicles to lay bridges without permanently changing the vehicle's role.

  • Combat Obstacle Moving

    The Surface Clearance Device (SCD) can be fitted to allow a vehicle to push through an area where mines or other obstacles are present.

  • Counter-Mine Ploughs

    The Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP) clears concealed or buried mines and IEDs found within the path of the full width of the vehicle.

  • Combat Dozer Blade (CDB)

    The Combat Dozer Blade (CDB) is suitable for heavy-tracked vehicles. It enables vehicles to rapidly move obstacles, creating a clear route for following operations.

  • Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP)

    The Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP) is a breaching equipment that gives heavy-weight combat vehicles the ability to produce a cleared lane for trafficking by subsequent vehicles.

  • Track Width Mine Plough (TWMP)

    The Track Width Mine Plough (TWMP) gives an MBT the ability to rapidly force a passage through a mined obstacle by creating a cleared path for its tracks to follow without impeding the operation of the main gun.

  • Light Weight Mine Roller (LWMR)

    The Light Weight Mine Roller (LWMR) is designed to protect medium-weight vehicles from mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Pearson Engineering
Armstrong Works
Scotswood Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 6UX
United Kingdom