The Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearing Capability (PEROCC) is fully optimised to Counter-IED activity. PEROCC is fitted with a range of tools to detect and interrogate threats and to protect the vehicle from the effects of explosives.

PEROCC is based on any commercially available pivot steer loader giving it an inherent level of reliability. In its current, trialled configuration, PEROCC includes sensors fitted to the front of the vehicle to detect buried or hidden threats and a Pearson Engineering Interrogation Arm can be used to interrogate suspected threats, to provide pre-detonation capability, to dig or scrape the ground and to move obstacles.

A set of front rollers apply pressure to the ground to detonate IEDs found within the wheel width of the vehicle and a rear roller gang provides full width clearance for following operations.

A three point hydraulically operated quick hitch at the front and rear of the system allows the platform to be rapidly reconfigured to include additional front and rear equipment. The configuration supplied will be to customer requirements but could include other equipment available within the Pearson Engineering range such as a Dozer Blade, Mine Plough or Lane Marker System.

A key feature of PEROCC is that it offers significant improvement in the survivability in the event of a blast. Everything that touches the ground is developed to blast off in the event of an IED detonation. For example, damaging loads to the supporting roller fabrications are minimised through a frangible joint. The rollers can also be jettisoned from under armour. The roller gangs can be quickly self-repaired using one of the three on board replacement roller banks without the need to return to base.

For more information, please see the following website: http://www.pearson-eng.com/products/perocc/.