Track width mine plough

The Track Width Mine Plough (TWMP) has been designed to compactly stow on an MBT. The approach angle has been maximised without impeding the operation of the gun even when fully depressed. The TWMP gives the MBT the ability to rapidly force a passage through a mined obstacle by creating a cleared path for its tracks to follow.

The cleared lane is prepared by the raking action of the four tines mounted on each blade, which bring concealed mines and IEDs to the surface and move them to the side. Fold out blade extensions ensure that these devices are deposited well beyond the cleared lane.

Constant depth control is maintained by skids, which remain in contact with the ground in undulating terrain to ensure the blade accurately conforms to the ground contour. The TWMP performs well in a wide variety of different soils and terrain.

Operation and Control

The TWMP has two operating positions; stowed for cross-country travel and deployed for breaching operations. Two hydraulic lift cylinders stow and deploy the plough blades.

Hydraulic power is provided by an in-built electrohydraulic power system if the TWMP is fitted directly to a vehicle, or if fitted using the high lift adaptor (HLA), from the HLA on-board hydraulic system. The TWMP is controlled from a multipurpose control unit (MCU) mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver.


The TWMP can be rapidly attached to or detached from the vehicle and interchanged with other special to role equipment by the vehicle crew.

An optional Magnetic System Duplicator (MSD) can be fitted to help protect the equipment from the effect of magnetic influence fused mines.

A purpose built Transportation Pallet facilitates both storage and transport and is capable of fitting into either an ISO container or onto a DROPS pallet.

Key Features

  • Rapidly clears mines or IEDs from the track width of the host vehicle
  • Designed to minimise the effect of detonating mines
  • Designed to minimise the tractive effort required
  • Capable of operating in a wide range of soil conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be fitted with a MSD to counter magnetically fused mines


Weight: 1,500kg
Cleared Lane Width: 2mm x 725mm
Centre Lane Uncleared Width: 2,120mm
Cleared Lane Depth: 175mm to 300mm
Ploughing Speed Range: 1kph to 15kph
Raise Cycle: 18 seconds
Lower Cycle: Seven seconds
Voltage: 28Vdc
Current (Maximum): 240A