The Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP) clears concealed or buried mines and IEDs found within the path of the full width of the vehicle. A raking action brings threats to the surface and moves them wide and clear and blade extensions ensure that the threats are moved well beyond the width of the vehicle, providing a safe and mine cleared lane for following operations.

The FWMP is suitable for heavy weight tracked vehicles and may be fitted using a High Lift Adaptor. This common interface ensures that the task equipment can be quickly and easily interchanged and jettisoned offering flexibility to the Commander and increasing the operational capability of the host vehicle.

The system has two operating positions and may be deployed for breaching operations or stowed during cross-country travel.
The Track Width Mine Plough (TWMP) is suitable for both heavy weight tracked vehicles and medium weight tracked vehicles and is used to rapidly force a passage through a mined area and provides protection by clearing mines found in front of the tracks of the vehicle.

The TWMP may be fitted directly or via a Medium Fitting Kit which, much like the High Lift Adaptor allows the Plough to be rapidly attached, released and interchanged.

This system may also be stowed for transportation.