Light weight mine roller

The Light Weight Mine Roller (LWMR) protects vehicles from buried mines and pressure initiated explosive devices by using roller gangs, which follow the ground over undulating terrain, to apply pressure to the ground ahead of the host vehicle to detonate a threat
before the vehicle and its crew reaches them.

The LWMR gives track width protection. The product is battle proven and is in service with, amongst others, the US Army and the Canadian Armed Forces.

The system is lightweight yet generates a heavy effect using hydraulic power to transfer a proportion of the vehicle weight onto the roller wheels to generate the required pushdown force to detonate any explosive devices. This hydraulic design avoids the requirement
for self-weight roller wheels, which add unnecessary weight to the host vehicle.


The LWMR can be rapidly attached to or detached from the vehicle and interchanged with other special-to-role equipment.

Typically track width for vehicle self-protection, the LWMR can be upgraded to a full-width system by adding a Rear Roller Kit (RRK) (a single set of six individually articulating wheels), providing protection for following vehicles. Steering input commands from the RRK may also be used to automatically control the steering position of the front mounted LWMR.

Operation and Control

A LWMR has three operating positions; stowed for cross-country travel, pushdown for rolling and float for maintenance purposes.

A hydraulic lift cylinder stows and deploys the LWMR. Hydraulic power is provided by an in-built electrohydraulic power system if a LWMR is fitted directly to a vehicle, or from an on-board hydraulic system that can be provided as part of a Pearson Engineering Common Interface System.

A LWMR is controlled from a Mission Equipment Control Unit (MECU) mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver. An optional steering system can articulate the LWMR right and left in response to MECU commands.

Key Features

  • Lightweight but heavy effect
  • Minimal effect on vehicle mobility and manoeuvrability
  • Roller wheels follow ground contours providing constant ground contact and can be fully raised into a transport position when not in use
  • Solid tyres resist punctures and damage
  • Rapidly repairable
  • Available in track-width or full-width configurations
  • Can be fitted to both medium tracked and wheeled combat vehicles with minimal modification
  • A robust and compact system requiring little maintenance

Weight (Track width): 1,500kg
Weight (Full width): 2,500kg
Nominal track width clearance width: 1,000mm
Push down: 450kg
Raise cycle: 10 seconds
Lower cycle: Four seconds