The Air Doctor provides a range of air purification and filtration systems for the aerospace and defence industries. Our equipment is used in the defence aviation sector to ensure that personnel are safeguarded against noxious fumes when undertaking potentially hazardous duties such as fuel tank maintenance, and protect highly sensitive avionics components which can be damaged by even the smallest trace of airborne contaminent such as dust or sand.

Military aviation air purification systems

Air Doctor breathing air purifiers provide air 1,000,000 times cleaner than the air we normally breathe. Increased realisation that many working environments are hazardous to employees health has led employers to seek efficient and effective respiratory protection for their workers placed 'at-risk'. Respiratory protection is not only essential to the health and comfort of employees, it subsequently improves performance and ultimately productivity. Guaranteed 24/7 operation with no requirement for logistics of cylinder air. This is very cost effective with savings of up to 80% compared to cylinder rental and logistics.

The use of compressed air as a source of breathable air in industry for hazardous and toxic environments is well established, being readily available and relatively cheap to produce. The Air Doctor Breathing Air Purifiers are designed to supply safe breathing air in hazardous and toxic environments.

Mobile compressor / breathing air purifier

The M43 mobile compressor / air purifier unit is a mobile deployable unit that can be used to supply breathing air during fuel tank entry requirements on the flight line and at away bases.

The supply from the TAD2015 breathing air purifying module connected to the M43 mobile compressor is fitted with an aftercooler designed to cool the breathing air. The purifiers are designed to remove common contaminants, oil, water, odour, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to levels below the limits set in AS/NZS 1715:2009.

The TAD2015 auxiliary outlet is designed to supply Dry instrument air for drying or spray air. This air can be used as an alternate for many nitrogen application i.e. Air wave guide drying.

Deployable breathing air purifier

The TAD2015BAM deployable breathing air purifier is designed to be a deployable breathing air purifier for confined space entry. The purifiers will remove common contaminants, oil, water, odour, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to levels below the limits set in AS/NZS 1715:2009. The TAD2015BAM incorporates a multi stage purification system, coupled with a backup high pressure air supply to provide redundancy for any confined space entry requirements.

Confined space entry trailer

The confined space entry (CSET) trailer was developed to facilitate safe entry into platform-specific aircraft tanks and confined spaces. The trailer was designed to be fully autonomous enabling personnel to quickly and safely carry out any confined space/tank entry IAW legislative requirements either at home or away base, removing the requirement for an established power system.

TAD SealVac fuel drain system

The innovative Sealvac vacuum fuel drain system prepares aircraft for fuel drain maintenance faster, cleaner and safer, with less personnel. Operations that took hours before can now be reduced to just minutes. The Spokane dribble drain carts are sealed fuel bowsers incorporating a compressed air vacuum, which facilitates the rapid removal of drainable fuel from the tanks. The system minimises the risk of fuel spillage and significantly reduces maintenance personnel’s exposure to fuel. Typically, gravity draining sumps for fuel cell maintenance takes many hours. During this time, most other types of maintenance cannot be performed due to open fuel tanks.