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Wideband Antennas for C3I, ECM and Spectrum Monitoring Applications

COJOT is a well-respected and long-established Finnish antenna manufacturer that designs and develops antennas and accessories for VHF, UHF and SHF bands.

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COJOT designs, develops and manufactures antennas and accessories for VHF, UHF and SHF bands.

Our key products are centred around tactical communication, electronic warfare (EW) and spectrum monitoring applications within the 20MHz – 6 000MHz frequency range, covering antennas for the manpack, handheld and vehicle segment, including solutions for fixed installations such as on masts or shelters.

Rugged, wideband military vehicle antennas

COJOT provides dipole and monopole type vehicle antennas at power levels from 20W to 200W that do not require any additional tuning.

Our versatile range of omni-directional broad and narrowband antennas feature NATO / US pattern compatible mountings, as well as magnetic mounting solutions for temporary installations, making them perfect for the latest RF systems used in C3I, EW, EOD, VIP and convoy protection applications.

COJOT military vehicle antennas are used by ISAF troops in Afghanistan.
COJOT low-profile omni-directional VHF/UHF/SHF antennas in use.
Omni-directional wideband vehicle antennas for mobile and stationary usage.
Wideband manpack and handheld antennas for VHF, UHF and SHF frequency bands.
Antenna accessories: magnetic mounts for vehicle and manpack antennas, filters and goosenecks.

Due to their ruggedised nature, COJOT vehicle antennas are an ideal choice for installations on all kind of vehicles, as well as for fixed installations on masts, shelters or containers.

Lightweight military manpack and portable broadband antennas

Our comprehensive range of lightweight, rugged, manpack and man portable antennas are perfectly suited to several applications, ranging from handheld or manpack radios to wideband jammers.

COJOT manpack antennas are designed to work perfectly with military and Special Forces’ application levels of 20MHz – 6 000MHz at power levels from 10W to 70W.

Robust antennas for EW, EOD, VIP and convoy protection

COJOT supplies rugged wide and narrowband antennas that are low profile, making them ideally suited for high and low-power jamming applications from 10W to 200W. For discreet VIP and convoy protection, we offer covert vehicle antennas that feature a highly unobtrusive design.

Our broad choice of omni-directional VHF / UHF / SHF antennas and wide selection of accessories, including special mounting solutions and filters, provide a reliable solution for today’s demanding EW and bomb disposal, EOD and IEDD applications.

Antennas for C3I, tactical and mission-critical communications

COJOT offers passively and actively matched antennas of various types for the military manpack, handheld and vehicle segment, including mounting solutions for fixed installations on masts or shelters.

Our wide range of low-profile omni-directional VHF / UHF / SHF antennas is accomplished by a good selection of accessories, including filters and special mounting solutions, making COJOT products the perfect choice for the latest multiband tactical radios used in public safety, ground based and ground-to-air applications.

Omni-directional wideband antennas for signal monitoring

Our omni-directional wideband antennas for the 20MHz – 18GHz frequency ranges are well suited for today’s radio spectrum monitoring and management applications.

COJOT offers VHF / UHF / SHF antenna solutions, including active antennas with built-in LNAs, for mobile and stationary usage, covering the man portable and vehicle segment, including solutions for fixed installations such as masts or containers.

Reliable antenna solutions for the defence industry

COJOT’s expertise and experience have made us a recognised and trusted source for supplying reliable antenna solutions to the defence industry, numerous military contractors, public safety authorities and defence forces in crisis management operations, worldwide.

We have a proven track-record of delivering our products in a timely manner, and, as most of our products are customisable, we can offer custom solutions in the shortest lead time.

It is our aim to provide the highest technological excellence to protect lives and property in the most hostile environments globally.

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