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Container and Shelter Lifting and Transport Systems

haacon container and shelter transport systems are well-suited for civil defence, disaster aid, transporting equipment for militaries, for technical assistance services, international crisis aid, and wherever heavy loads have to be moved by manpower alone.

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haacon container and shelter transport systems are well-suited for civil defence, disaster aid, transporting equipment for militaries, for technical assistance services, international crisis aid, and wherever heavy loads have to be moved by manpower alone.

Lifting system solutions

haacon’s hoisting gear solutions provide a variety of options to efficiently and safely lift heavy and complicated loads. These mobile solutions are typically deployed in military operations that include: field hospitals, decontamination, laundry and cleaning, kitchens, cold-stores, baths and showers, supply containers for electricty, water, gas and climate control.

In addition to this, solutions are also deployed in telecommunication and radar, training simulation systems, loading containers into aircraft, vehicle levelling, mobile satellite communication units, starting units for unmanned reconnaissance drones and freight containers.

Container roller sets aid in the transportation of containers on firm ground.
Levelling jacks enable containers to be precisely aligned.
haacon also provides mobile aerial mast support with its electric rope winches.
Many of haacon's transport systems have ISO-enabled corners for increased versatility.
Aircraft loading systems must be technologically advanced to transfer a wide variety of loads.
haacon's hoisting systems can be used in a wide variety of military operations.
Mobile lifting devices are a suitable alternative for times when heavy-load lifting facilities are unavailable.
Support devices can be used regardless of the terrain or location.
haacon staff are well-trained and have extensive experience.

The hoisting gear systems are also deployed for other uses, including transporting environment measuring stations, technical service stations, radar stations, and fire and department containers.

Aircraft loading systems

Aircraft loading systems are the most technologically advanced of mobile lifting systems. haacon’s units must transport demanding loads of up to 10t for flight transport, truck loading and rolling containers.

They are attached using standard ISO corners.

The main area of application is the transport of heavy equipment by aircraft in military logistics. This is why the units have special features, such as high-quality lightweight material, a robust build, versatile applications, quick mounting and disassembly, and ergonomic systems (ERGO crank handle). The systems are also suited to the future military Airbus A 400 M.

The lifting, rolling and loading systems are continually adapted according to client project specifications. Lifting, rolling and loading systems are increasing in importance due to the reorganisation of many armed forces into smaller, mobile rapid deployment forces.

They are also available with 24V DC electrical drive, for connecting to an on-board power supply source.

Mobile lifting devices

Mobile lifting devices raise and lower containers whenever facilities for moving heavy loads are not available. Even adverse weather conditions do not impair haacon’s lifting systems.

A system normally consists of four jacks, where the bearing load of a single jack equals half of the load capacity of the system as a whole. This ensures a very high level of work safety. Units are designed to be installed / assembled and operated by two people.

The innovative automatic position control is haacon’s speciality. It allows simultaneous raising and lowering on uneven ground, automatic position detection, automatic horizontal levelling with a precision of +/- 0.1° and safety shutdown if the permissible gradient of 3.5° is exceeded.

haacon also provides the following customer-specific solutions:

Deviating lifting heights, modified bearing loads, specially adapted fasteners and interlocking systems, special load distribution plates, loading systems for simple and safe transport, customised solutions for specific purposes, assistance and project-related services on customer developments as well as special colour tones and coating materials.

Container roller sets and lifting wheels

Container roller sets are suitable for moving containers on firm ground. The rollers are attached using ISO corners. A set of container rollers consists of four universal rollers with brakes and directional interlocking, tongue and attachment aid, attached from below to the ISO corner. The bearing load is a maximum of 16t for each container.

Lifting wheels are placed between heavy-duty rollers and aircraft loading systems. The lifting wheels can be used for moving containers of up to 12t, even on less paved and less even ground. The lifting wheels are attached to the ISO corners from the side.

The container can be manoeuvred very easily as well as be moved by several vehicles.

Levelling jacks for containers and vehicles

Levelling jacks are used on containers and vehicles in order to align them precisely. Larger functional units can be formed by connecting individual modules.

We manufacture levelling jacks for DIN ISO 1161 corners, with inward-facing protected spindles, push-out levelling jacks, integrated corners and engaging ISO corners.

Support devices for loading and unloading containers

Support devices are used for loading and unloading swap bodies and ISO containers, regardless of location and availability of other loading aids.

Support devices transport items with the truck and must load and unload the container. This should be managed without a truck-mounted crane by the driver alone or with the assistance of a second person at most.

Electric rope winches to extend mobile antenna masts

haacon develops and builds electric rope winches for highly mobile aerial supports.

The aerial supports are used in mobile communication systems and can be used for aerials, beam radio stations, direction finders, radar units and cameras.

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  • Dry Support Bridge (DSB)

    Dry Support Bridge (DSB), a new-generation tactical military bridging system, is operational with the armed forces of the US, Turkey and Switzerland.

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