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Transport and Storage Container Solutions for Military Applications

Thermodyne specialises in the conception, design and production of both standardised and bespoke reusable transport and storage container solutions for military applications.


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Thermodyne specialises in the conception, design and production of both standardised and bespoke reusable transport and storage container solutions for military applications.

Based in Germany, Thermodyne has been producing robust reusable transport boxes and containers for over 50 years. The company has extensive experience within the defence industry, contributing to a multitude of projects both in Germany and internationally.

Reliable storage and transport solutions for military goods

Thermodyne prides itself on its manufacturing quality. Our products are characterised by a low deadweight combined with high robustness due to impact-resistant polyethylene.


Our passion is to safely store valuable and sensitive military goods and components, taking into consideration the specific and individual requirements of each client.

We measure your transport goods precisely, determine the required shape and size of the container, and develop the optimal interior of the transport box with our in-house foam production.

Whether through reconnaissance, drone and radar technology, weapon systems, or the packaging of special tools and spare parts, the requirement for the safe transport of military goods is always high.

Certified manufacturer of containers for dangerous equipment

Thermodyne is certified by the Federal Office for Materials Research and Testing (Bundesamt für Materialforschung und prüfung BAM) and is a leading manufacturer of packaged dangerous goods containers.

In addition to dangerous goods containers for objects with UN 0467 explosives, our portfolio also includes packaging for Li-Ion and NiCd batteries according to UN 3480/UN 2795, for oxygen cylinders according to HM224B/DOT31FP or 49 CFR 173.168, and for oxygen generators according to UN 3356.

Transportation solutions for military goods and equipment

Here is what you can expect from Thermodyne:

  • Containers in 19in construction
  • Transport containers in large dimensions for particularly heavy military parts
  • Certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015 production standards
  • Upholstery production enabling the packing of sensitive components precisely in the foam qualities appropriate for the application
  • Computer-aided the suitable foam equipment for your goods
  • Capability to produce large quantities to the same high standards as individual small quantities

Equipment packages such as black-painted fittings, stainless-steel design, increased tightness requirements, as well as electronic or mechanical attachments, extend our range of products to meet your exact requirements.

Our containers also meet the toughest military standards, such as MIL-STD810, MIL-PRF-28800F, MIL-C-4150J, STANAG 4280, and Def Stan 81-41.

Due to our ultra-modern production control, we are able to meet the completion deadlines for time-critical deliveries on schedule. The transportation of military goods is subject to both numerous and strict legal requirements. Thermodyne has been finding a variety of solutions for years as a recognised partner in the defence industry.

Transport and storage containers for special tools and logistics

In various projects, such as for the Fuchs transport tank, we have developed and implemented concepts and solutions for the packaging of special tools.

The safe packaging of spare parts for the maintenance and repair of military vehicles and equipment is necessary in order to be able to react quickly in case of damage and thus minimise the downtimes of vehicles and equipment.

Transport and storage containers as equipment packaging

Highly sensitive military vehicles and equipment place special demands on packaging. Even under extreme climatic conditions, our transport and storage containers meet the requirements for drop and vibration tests and can be certified accordingly on request.

It is essential to select a transport solution that meets all requirement, particularly in harsh operating environments. Thermodyne’s 19in containers are equipped with a sprung frame, protecting sensitive electronic components.

This series can be adapted to multiple height units and covers a wide range of applications. Depending on the design, the containers also meet special civil and military packaging standards, such as the ATA 300 (Category I) of the aerospace industry, where they must still be functional even after 280 drop tests.

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