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Dynamic Systems Engineering, Actuators and Drivelines

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Devotek is a leading independent technology provider. Our capability covers a wide range of technologies and services. Working for industries like defence, automotive, oil and gas, energy, maritime and telecom gives us a broad background for applying state-of-the-art solutions to many challenges.

Our core competences are within areas linked to the control of dynamic systems. More specifically, they cover driveline design and control within vehicles, ships and helicopters, including transmission design; actuators; electronic control design; sensors; hydraulics; clutches and brakes; and much more.

Defence project dynamic systems engineering

Devotek is known for its systematic approach to technical challenges, as it provides complete development and technology projects using a ‘systems engineering’ approach. Complete understanding of the user’s requirements, thorough concept studies and technology bench marking, careful quality assured concept selection, prototyping, and testing are all part of Devotek’s methodical design processes.

Defence project dynamic systems engineering and support

Typical defence and aerospace projects and support supplied by Devotek includes projects relating to control of high-precision dynamic weapon and antenna platforms, turrets, weapon actuators, fixed and portable control panels, servo drives and controllers.

Remote weapon station (RWS) with drives, structures and sensors for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.
Fire control panels RWS for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.
Driveline and transmission design for a SAAB UAV.
Complete driveline and transmission design, including actuators and controls for special 8×8 terrain vehicles by BAE Systems.
Portable naval strike missile (NSM) interface test panel for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

We also cover driveline and transmission design, including actuators and controls for helicopters, special 8×8 terrain vehicles and ships’ propulsion systems. Our solutions are used by companies including KDA, SAAB, BAE Systems, Thales and Rolls-Royce.

Industrial environment process, design, engineering and research services

Based in Kongsberg, the technological capital of Norway, Devotek’s cross-disciplinary expertise has enabled the successful development of solutions for a wide range of industrial environments – from the ocean floor to outer space.

As partners in process, customers can call upon experts in the fields of:

  • Mechanical, electronic and software specification, design and testing
  • Control systems design, testing and analysis
  • Mathematics and applied physics
  • Prototyping and validation programs
  • Safety evaluation and quality control

Advanced engineering quality management services

Advanced engineering technology demands stringent quality management. That is why the certified implementation of internationally recognized QMS standards on all Devotek’s projects is so important.

Dynamic systems engineering consultation and training services

In addition to hands-on development, Devotek helps companies extend their capabilities and skills base through its consultation and training services, available for businesses eager to develop their innovation strategy or enhance the knowledge and skills of their employees.

Devotek’s courses are developed and updated according to the latest technology standards and cover many specialist areas. Specially tailored courses for specific needs may be given at a company’s premises, while Devotek’s standard course programme is open to all.

About Devotek

Started some 30 years ago as a small team inside the most advanced Norwegian company at the time (Kongsberg Vapenfabrikk), working with driveline actuators for commercial vehicles, Devotek has developed in to a high technology provider supporting larger companies in several branches to bring ever more sophisticated products to the market.

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