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Generators and APUs for Military Applications

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Fischer Panda manufactures full military-specification generators which meet a wide range of MIL-STD requirements, especially concerning EMI levels and IR signatures, exhaust emissions, and operating sound levels. The generators are designed with fast and easy maintenance in mind, whatever the conditions or circumstances, which is essential for the military operator.

Custom-built generators can be constructed as practically all the main components are manufactured by Fischer Panda. With effective use of water-cooling and installed within a sound-insulated housing, they operate quietly and are practically vibration-free with a minimal thermal signature.

Generators for light military vehicles

Fischer Panda DC generators enhance lighter military vehicle systems with powerful charging capabilities and enable silent running. The DC PE150 Series, for example, is perfect for automatically maintaining battery systems onboard M113 tracked vehicles.

Fischer Panda AC generators supply electricity with a very clean sine wave suitable for sensitive electrical equipment. They are also capable of providing sufficient power for starting heavier equipment such as environmental control units (ECUs). With parallel load switching and parallel load sharing options available, the generators can function as decentralised power assets to manage peak demands for power during operations. They can then combine power output or swapping the load to sustain a supply.

Fischer Panda tunnel generator for a compact and extremely silent operation. It fits perfectly into a tunnel of a shelter or HUMVEE. Just deploy and power up!
The latest and most intelligent Combined Aircondition and Power System (CAPS) with up to 20kW cooling and 24kW electrical power. Designed for 100% reliable shelter operation up to 60°C.
The 3kW aircooled generator for maximum flexibility in the desert. The Fischer Panda generator is ready for direct 28V DC supply of autonomous applications. The portable fueltank gives maximum independence.
Extremely compact and powerful generators are the current demands of professional military applications. With the Panda SST25 variable speed generators, fuel saving and MIL-STD 461/810 standards can be achieved.
Real missions are the challenges for Fischer Panda generators and power systems. The PE-150 28V DC generator perfectly fulfills all criteria of these restrictions and is EMC and IR tested.

The latest range of SST Generators feature engines capable of running at variable speed while maintaining a constant frequency. They can adjust the speed to match the load with significant fuel savings, reduced wear and lower exhaust emissions. These generators can also offer full load sharing capabilities.

Fischer Panda builds generators designed specifically for vehicles with dedicated generator tunnels. These have been enhanced to form a combo-generator, featuring an AC generator and high efficiency ECU in a single unit.

Combined air-conditioner and power system (CAPS) for container-based applications

The latest product from Fischer Panda is a highly sophisticated combined air-conditioner and power system (CAPS) for container-based applications requiring electrical power, advanced ECU heating and air-conditioning. By fully utilising performance, management and self-testing features, the CAPS can maintain an optimal environment for sensitive electronic equipment and personnel to operate. This system offers thermo-management capabilities so heat can be supplied from three different sources: heat as “by product” from the generator, integrated diesel heating and heat produced electrically.

Air-conditioner output that depends on the altitude using active performance management ensures full electrical supply of the shelter. The CAPS system is designed for command units maintaining a heightened “battle readiness” and who are expecting disruption or total loss of the mains power grid. Upon loss grid power, the generator is automatically started and the supply switched over. This can also be done manually. Electrical systems are supplied via multiple electrical outlets with isolation transformer protection. During periods of inactivity, advanced “built-in test equipment” allows the CAPS System to start and automatically accomplish system tests to ensure it is functioning correctly.

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  • Prime and Auxiliary Power Systems

    Modern military systems require highly efficient and reliable power sources in order to function during intense operations and in harsh conditions.

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