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Satellite Technology Solutions for Military Applications

Freeman House,
John Roberts Business Park,
Canterbury, Kent,
CT5 3BJ,
United Kingdom

Global Invacom Group is a leading technology group made up of several companies that design and manufacture complete solutions for ground terminal satellite communications.

The group is focussed on the development and manufacturing of fixed antennas, transportable satellite terminals, steerable/tracking terminals, satellite RF electronics, antenna mounts and customised satellite terminal solutions.

Cutting-edge satellite technology for defence applications

Branded as Global Skyware, we design and manufacture Ku, C, X and Ka-band antennas from 75cm up to 3.7m, including our own feed designs.

We also design and produce Ka, Ku and C-Band RF Electronics (X band coming soon) for use on all of our satellite terminal equipment. Powers are available from 3W to 100W.

In addition, our RF Transceivers result in quick and simple installation and operation of our terminals thanks to our distinctive design and manufacturing capabilities.

We provide a selection of military-based RF products, specially designed for harsh environments, enhancing a range of applications for military communications. Both RF and antennas are used on our range of commercial and MIL Flyaways, Steerable/tracking antennas and custom solutions up to 6 metres.

Fibre optic military radio links

Branded as Global Foxcom, we design and manufacture fibre optic military radio links deployed on the most demanding and versatile military platforms regardless of their applications, whether ground fixed or portable (up to 65GHz), airborne or naval.

We also have Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) solutions for indoor and outdoor scenarios for a variety of applications.

This ruggedised equipment, as standard or custom passive RF products, is offered along with our installation services and testing. We can additionally modify and upgrade older systems if required.

Our selection of military products from Global Foxcom include:

  • Military radio fibre tactical extension system
  • Military radio fibre aerostat extension system
  • Military radio links stackable rack mount
  • Outdoor unit for military and tactical solutions
  • Iridium coaxial repeater
  • GPS repeater for hangars
  • Iridium optical link
  • Advanced modular military outdoor enclosure system
  • Iridium optical repeater

As a cost-effective and coax-free solution, our fibre repeater boasts smooth iridium coverage within any sized building with a simple wireless installation.

The signal coverage is easily extendable through the use of power dividers and multiple indoor antennas and can be used without sky view – great for mobile satellite connectivity in underground military environments.

Custom waveguide solutions for the defence sector

Branded under Global Invacom Waveguide, we offer a range of commercial, MIL and custom waveguide solutions for all types of applications. This can be from small/miniature assemblies for UAV/missile technology to larger waveguides for naval and aerospace applications.

Being an approved vendor to key defence contractors also shows our investment in compliance and security clearance to work on key projects. All frequencies are catered for and all waveguides are designed and made in the UK at our Newton Abbot facility.

Complete satellite solutions

Global Invacom Group is ideally placed to be your partner of choice for all commercial, military and customised satellite ground terminal equipment.

We are made up of a number of technology companies that create the complete solution for ground terminal satellite communications through the development and manufacture of all elements that make up commercial and MIL satellite ground terminal equipment.

Additional services from Global Invacom Group

  • Research & Development

We provide specialist advice for major installation projects and design, test and mass produce new products for large clients.

  • Custom design for mass production

Across our business, we have expert specialist designers, engineers and manufacturers.

  • Advanced Manufacturing

Using efficient and high-precision processes, we manufacture across three continents creating high-quality, long-lasting and cost-effective products.

  • Seamless Integration

We work closely with our range of distributors around the world, providing a quick and efficient connection wherever you need it.

About Global Invacom Group

Headquartered in the UK and with five other UK design and manufacturing sites, Global Invacom Group are ideally positioned to serve the satellite communications market.

The group uses its own industry-leading engineering, design and manufacturing techniques on its own satellite terminals, as well as designing and manufacturing waveguides, RF over fibre and GPS/Hangar repeater systems.

White Papers

  • 98cm Flyaway Antenna Terminal Eagle Mount Series

    Features include: Three piece antenna terminal assembly: reflector, pedestal and boom arm, Transit Cases, Reflector-Soft or Hard Case, Mount-Soft or Hard Case, One or two piece lightweight composite reflector, Stainless steel hardware for excellent corrosion resistance, Captive Hardware, Anodized Pedestal.

Global Invacom Group
Freeman House
John Roberts Business Park
Canterbury, Kent
United Kingdom

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