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Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for Military Applications

Cistelaier S.p.A. specialises in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for defence industry applications.

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Cistelaier S.p.A. specialises in the manufacture of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for defence industry applications.

The company is part of the Finmasi Group PCB Division, which comprises Cistelaier SpA in Italy, Techci Rhône-Alpes in France, and EPN Electroprint GmbH in Germany.

Cistelaier and Techci are the two PCB manufacturing companies of our division focussing on the aerospace and miltary fields, while EPN is mainly devoted to the industrial field.

Printed circuit boards for aerospace and defence industry applications

Cistelaier offers global services and local support to consumers mainly, but not exclusively, in the European market.

Multilayer SBU with 3+N+3 with Cu filled stacked vias burried filled & Capped vias
Multilayer 14 layer mixed layup
Multilayer 10 layer SBU with 3+N+3 with Laser vias
Multilayer 8 layer mixed layup Via Filled and capped, back drilled hole
Multilayer 6 layer with laser via and UBGA pitch 0.4 mm via in pad resin filled
Multilayer 12L HDI 2+8+2 with laser via
Multilayer 6 Layer HDI 2+2+2 with laser via
Multilayer 9 layer with buried, blind Vias and impedance control, lenght 855 mm
Multilayer 16layer with 6 flex layer for dynamic application
Multilayer 10 layer HDI with buried and stacked blind vias

We provide a wide range of PCBs, from double-sided PCBs to HDI rigid and HDI rigid-flex PCBs, in all volumes and with quick turnaround (QTA) times. Our PCB manufacturing companies are among the most important in Europe.

High quality PCBs with quick turnaround times

Cistelaier supplies high quantities of PCBs through our fully controlled long-standing sourcing partnerships with highly qualified Asian manufacturers. Our business model is to supply PCBs to customers from the first prototype batch, with QTA service upon request, to serial production.

We reserve our capacity and capability to provide a QTA service for partners who share our business model, contributing to building long-term partnerships that represent a basis for continuity and growth.

Military-certified PCBs manufactured to industry standards

Our PCB division is certified to the following industry standards:

  • Aerospace and Defence: UNI EN 9100:2016 (both Cistelaier and Techci)
  • Avionic: NADCAP (Techci)
  • Automotive: IATF:2016 (Cistelaier)
  • Medical: ISO 13485 (Cistelaier)
  • Railway: ISO/TS 22163 (both Cistelaier and Techci)

Products are manufactured according to the following standards and specific control plans are agreed with customers if needed:

  • IPC-A-600, class 2, 3 or class 3DS(A)
  • IPC 6012 (Rigid), IPC 6013 (Rigid-Flex), IPC 6016 (HDI) and IPC 6018 (Microwave)
  • MIL-P-55110 (Rigid) and MIL-P-50884 (Rigid-Flex)
  • ESA-ECSS – Q – ST – 70 – 10C / 11C / 12C
  • ESA-ECSS – Q – ST – 70 – 60C

Cistelaier and Techci are also IPC members and several employees are qualified IPC trainers and specialists.

With extensive knowledge and multiple accreditations, Cistelaier and Techci have been able to become technological partners of customers operating in almost all industries, particularly in the avionic and military sectors.

Double-sided, rigid-flex and multilayer PCBs for the military

Cistelaier produces and supplies a wide range of PCBs, including double-sided, rigid multilayer (up to 40 layers), rigid-flex (up to 12 flex layers), and HDI multilayer boards.

We can produce more than 100 different base materials, giving us the potential to manufacture PCBs for all possible applications. PCBs can be produced with both standard-performance and high-performance materials.

Examples of materials than can be used include high Tg, halogen-free, high-speed, copper/invar/copper, epoxy and polyimidic resin materials, as well as both Teflon and non-Teflon-based high frequency and thick copper materials.

Cistelaier and Techci have the capability to deliver PCBs with:

  • lines and spaces down to a width of 75 microns
  • length / width panel combination of up to 860mm x 470mm
  • panel thickness of up to 5.5mm
  • copper thickness of up to 500 microns
  • copper coins and bas bars insertion
  • mixed materials build up
  • all finishes: ENIG, ENEPIG, chemical tin, HAL lead and lead-free, chemical silver, OSP, electrolytic nickel – gold (hard and soft), tin-lead hot oil reflow
  • all colours of solder mask: green, red, blue, black, white, grey and specific RAL on request.

PCB design and manufacturing services for defence applications

Cistelaier and Techci provide a QTA service, enabling customers to receive prototypes with short lead times and allowing them to improve their time-to-market and business performances.

All information related to product design coming from our customers is systematically verified in order to identify any risk factors through design for manufacturability (DFM), design for testability (DFT), and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA).

Through our own mechanical and chemical labs, we can deliver all possible analysis results requested by production part approval process (PPAP) reports, certificate of compliance (CoC) reports, or first article inspection reports (FAIR) for PCB conformity validation.

About Cistelaier

Cistelaier was established in 1998, merging the two industrial entities of Cistel Srl (established in Genoa in 1976), and Laier Srl (established in Modena in 1986).

The company manufactures small, medium and large series of a wide-range of PCBs, all manufactured with high-quality materials, as well as PCB prototypes.

Cistelaier’s sister company, Techci, was established in 1983 in Saint Genix Sur Guiers, France, and also specialises in PCB manufacturing.

With a combined experience of more than 40 years, Cistelaier and Techci have manufactured thousands of PCBs for businesses in the aerospace and defence sectors.

Press Releases

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    The global electronics market has been pushing for years towards increasing miniaturization. This trend is imposed by the market demand for increasingly portable devices, therefore of low weight, and capable of integrating many functions: the real challenge is to reduce the size of the devices, miniaturizing them, and, at the same time, to increase their performance.

  • PCB: The Heart of Each Electronic Device

    Each electronic device needs one or more PCBs, regardless of applications field and destination sector, from industrial to domestic sector, from automotive to medical sector, from avionics to railways, to renewal energy, to telecoms and many other sectors.

  • The advantage to be part of the PCB Division of Finmasi Group

    Finmasi Group PCB Division is a unique reality in production and sales of PCBs. One of the main reasons for that is to have developed integrated production systems for the three companies of the PCB Division: Cistelaier in Italy, Techci-Rhône-Alpes in France and EPN Electroprint in Germany.

  • Quality comes first in PCBs

    To guarantee the respect of the specs and of the building characteristics of PCBs according to requirements and more and more restrictive quality standards, it is necessary to equip the laboratories of the PCB manufacturing and trading companies with instruments capable to support the statistical process control and the analysis of the PCBs manufactured trough these processes, starting from the constitutive base materials.

  • Base Materials Role for High-Performance PCBs

    Base materials and laminates are progressively important to high-performance PCBs; low losses as well as low dielectric constant (or consistent dielectric constant) are critical specs for laminates.

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