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Mil-Spec Wire and Custom Cable for Military Applications

Allied Wire & Cable offers a wide range of mil-spec cable options to meet any military wire and cable need.

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Allied Wire & Cable offers a wide range of mil-spec cable options to meet any military wire and cable need. Allied stocks a variety of military-grade hook-up wire, shipboard cable, aircraft cable, and other hard-to-find mil-spec wire items, so you can get the products you need, fast.

Custom cable is Allied’s specialty, so if you can’t find a cable fit for your application, AWC will build one for you. Allied’s inventory, worth more than $20m, also includes tubing, cable ties, connectors, moulded shapes, backshells and termination solutions, putting everything you need in one convenient place.

Allied Wire & Cable is ISO 9001:2008 certified, so you can be confident that you’ll receive the quality products and service you deserve.

Heavy-duty cables for portable power in harsh military environments

Allied carries light, medium, and heavy-duty M3432 CO cables for portable power and control cable applications in harsh military environments. These component cables are available with different levels of flexibility, and in heat-resistant, oil-resistant, shielded, and unshielded constructions. CO cables are listed under Federal Supply Class 6145. Reference our M3432 part number builder to quickly and easily specify the exact M3432 CO cable you need.

M3432 CO cables from Allied are available in light, medium, and heavy-duty versions. Use our handy part-builder to get the exact CO cable you need.
Heavy-duty M13486 cables are used in all types of military ground-vehicle applications and are sold online by Allied Wire & Cable.
Allied’s inventory of M13486 cables and 10603 specialty hook-up wire are built to withstand the rigours of military applications, including use in MRAP and other land vehicles.
M27500 cables from Allied are designed to withstand even the most challenging environment, on the ground or in aerospace applications.
Custom cable is Allied’s specialty. We’ll engineer the exact cable you need for your application.

Heavy-duty vehicle cable for military ground-vehicle applications

M13486 heavy-duty vehicle cable is designed to meet the needs of military ground-vehicle applications. MIL-DTL-13486 cables are used in tanks, trucks, military jeeps, trailers, and more. These cables are abrasion, fluid and weather-resistant, which allows for use in exposed applications. M13486 cables are also fungus-resistant and have excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures.

Military hook-up wire

This special-purpose military hook-up wire is designed to meet Army Drawing 12293251. Military 10603 cable features a tinned copper conductor and extruded Irraflex insulation and jacketing. It is rated to 600v and may be used across a wide conductor temperature range, from -55°C to 125°C. Allied offers 10603 cable in a variety of sizes, which can be ordered online.

M27500 cables for military and aerospace applications

M27500 cables are designed to endure the challenging environments of military and aerospace applications. Allied’s inventory of M27500 cable, now superseded by the NEMA WC 27500 cable specification, includes Type RC-06, Type RC-09, Type TE-14, and Type TG-14 cables. All are braid shielded and feature conductors complying with various SAE-AS 22759 specifications. NEMA WC 27500 cables from Allied are rated to 600v.

Custom cable

For applications where the standard cable just won’t get the job done, consider ordering custom cable. Specify everything from the cable’s materials and construction to its tolerances and ratings. The custom cable design experts at Allied will help you every step of the way.

Take advantage of Allied’s value-added services to get the exact cable you need. Services include custom lengths, cut and strip, dyeing, striping, twisting, braiding, and more. We can even custom package and label your cable to meet internal or external certification needs. RFID and bar coding are also available.

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