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Suspension Systems for Special Vehicles

Established in 1929, HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik has a worldwide reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing suspension systems for special vehicles.

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Established in 1929, HEMSCHEIDT Fahrwerktechnik has a worldwide reputation for designing, engineering and manufacturing suspension systems for special vehicles.

Having worked in this field for more than 70 years, the company is a proven supplier of hydropneumatic suspension systems and shock absorbers.

HEPLEX suspension systems

HEMSCHEIDT’s multiplied, patented HEPLEX is a cutting-edge suspension system that combines high levels of comfort for the driver and all of the vehicle’s occupants – even when off-road or on rough terrain – with excellent stability and outstanding vehicle dynamics. High-load ratios can be handled well, thanks to HEPLEX’s patented primary and secondary accumulators. The vehicle can be driven close to trucks and trailers with the same driving characteristics, whether they are fully loaded, empty or without containers.

Hydropneumatic off-road suspension systems

HEMSCHEIDT develops hydropneumatic suspension systems for all types of off-road wheeled or tracked vehicles. For all vehicle concepts, the company delivers customised products that lead to an extraordinary and enjoyable driving experience. Chain tensioners and hydraulic end stops for tracked vehicles complete the comprehensive product range.

The HEPLEX system integrates all functions which off-road vehicles need.
The hydropneumatic suspension system is a compact and lightweight unit.
Turn tables in pusher articulated buses don't just have to define the degree of freedom of bending, rolling and pitching, they also have to dampen the yaw movement.
The tried and tested turntable SKD 420 for pusher vehicles, which has been in service for decades, has now been adapted to the requirements of puller vehicles.
HEMSCHEIDT offers an extensive range of damping systems, which meet the highest demands. The damping is adjusted to meet vehicle behaviours, in close cooperation with the customer.

Turn tables for articulated buses

Articulated buses were developed to transport large numbers of passengers, in built-up areas. Today, there are two concepts for articulated bus: pusher vehicles and puller vehicles. HEMSCHEIDT offers turn table solutions for both classes.

For pusher vehicles, we offer the SKD synchronous damper, which offers driving stability complete with an array of safety-relevant components, which are sturdy, reliable and always operational. In pusher vehicles, the turn tables don’t just have to define the degree of bending, rolling and pitching, but they also have to dampen the yaw movement – crucial to vehicle safety.

The SKD 420 for pusher vehicles has now been adapted to suit the needs of puller vehicles. As a result, HEMSCHEIDT can now supply the manufacturers of puller articulated vehicles with a sturdy lightweight maintenance turn table, which can easily be integrated into vehicle structures.

Shock absorbers for commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles, especially those completing sophisticated tasks, need efficient shock absorbers. HEMSCHEIDT offers an extensive range of damping systems, meeting even the highest of demands. The damping systems can be adjusted to suit individual customer requirements, and can reach a service life of more than 30 years.

Protected against environmental influences, our dampers are indispensible for off-road vehicles.

Highly-sophisticated suspension systems

Demand for highly-sophisticated suspension systems will increase over the next few years based on the requirements of new vehicle generations.

HEMSCHEIDT delivers suspension systems that can resolve any driving conflict with a robust design, proven components and a maintenance-free system.

The company’s 70 years of engineering experience in the automotive industry is evident in every component of our products, and we are continuously expanding our engineering team and test facilities to support our customers throughout the entire development process.

HEMSCHEIDT is located in Haan-Gruiten, Bergisches Land, Germany. The company benefits from a close proximity to the Ruhr district’s industrial area, as well as good links to national and international traffic hubs.

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