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Efficient Toilets with Waste Combustion Systems and Rapid Hygiene Shelters for Remote Applications

ECOJOHN® provides toilets and hygiene buildings (rapid shelters, containers, and mobile restrooms) with incineration technology that eliminates any need for septic or sewage systems.

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ECOJOHN® provides toilets and hygiene buildings (rapid shelters, containers, and mobile restrooms) with incineration technology that eliminates any need for septic or sewage systems. ECOJOHN® products are ideal in remote applications and for fast deployment, and they are designed to handle extreme environments.

The ECOJOHN® range of toilets consists of waterless incinerating toilets, waste combustion systems that operate with low flush toilets or vacuum toilets. By use of diesel, kerosene, propane, or natural gas they efficiently incinerate black and grey water to a small amount of sterile ash.

The toilets are plug-and-play and can be installed by themselves, or they can be preinstalled in various buildings with different configurations – with showers, multiple toilets, or combination units, for example.

ECOJOHN® also provides durable mobile restrooms and rapid deployment shelters (living, hygiene, or medical) that solve major logistical problems for any military application.

The WC48 toilet waste combustion system that incinerates waste water and eliminates septic tanks - great for rapid deployments or military camps.
The mobile restrooms can be configured with showers, toilets and the ECOJOHN® toilet systems which eliminate pump outs.
The durable rapid shelters are designed to withstand extremely hot or cold environments and solve logistical problems.
The completely self-contained waterless incinerating toilets are built to withstand tough climates.
The incinerator buildings can easily hook up to existing buildings or septic tanks.

Toilet waste combustion systems

The WC Series is an efficient waste combustion system that operates with single or multiple low flush toilets. The incinerator unit can be placed away from the bathrooms up to 300ft away. This is a system that is ideal for military camps and situations where there is access to fill up a water tank but no way of disposing the waste.

The system operates automatically, and it requires minimal maintenance (refill fuel and clean out ash). There are several different sizes of incinerators, from small low usage units to higher capacity models. Since they operate with DC or AC voltage, they can be installed in the toughest off-the-grid locations.

Waterless incinerating toilets

The SR Series consists of completely waterless toilets that run on propane, natural gas, or diesel. The built-in burner incinerates the waste into a small amount of sterile ash, and since it requires no hook up to water or sewage, it makes it very portable and quick to install in rapid deployments. These toilets are designed for remote applications with low usage.

Rapid hygiene shelters

The rapid shelters are designed to be installed very quickly and handle extreme environments. They can be fitted as living shelters or hygiene shelters with toilets, showers, or medical buildings. By installing the ECOJOHN® toilets and waste combustion systems in the shelters, they come as complete buildings ready to drop ship and use.

Mobile restrooms

Mobile restrooms are ideal where mobility is important. The restroom trailers are very easy to move from site to site and they can be designed in a variety of configurations – with showers, multiple toilets, heaters, or air conditioning, etc.

In addition to the restroom trailer, the restrooms can also be skid mounted or installed in a shipping container.

Incinerator buildings

The ECOJOHN® incinerator buildings (containers or solid steel structures) can easily be connected to existing buildings or holding tanks. By connecting a pump between the existing tank and incinerator building, the waste can be transferred into the building where it gets incinerated. Multiple waste combustion systems can be installed in one building.

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    Global Inventive Industries (GII) is the exclusive manufacturer of ECOJOHN® - a product line that consists of incinerating toilets, toilet waste combustion systems, composting toilets, and mobile restrooms / offices. The ECOJOHN® products are the ideal bathroom / toilet solution for remote or temporary applications.

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