Innovative Toilet Solutions: Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s Problems - Army Technology
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Innovative Toilet Solutions: Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s Problems

Global Inventive Industries (GII) is the exclusive manufacturer of ECOJOHN® - a product line that consists of incinerating toilets, toilet waste combustion systems, composting toilets, and mobile restrooms / offices. The ECOJOHN® products are the ideal bathroom / toilet solution for remote or temporary applications.

Due to the efficient design, ECOJOHN® is superior where there is no power or water available, or where septic tanks are restricted, or simply in situations where a regular toilet is too costly or difficult to install.

GII continues to enhance and develop its products through a combination of company values and customer-focused design. Our products are built to last and provide superior efficiency; every ECOJOHN® that leaves our factory is a clear indication of an absolute commitment to quality and design for which we are very proud. From the beautiful design and sparkling look, to quality built stainless steel parts; all reflects the meticulous attention to details. You will rapidly notice why ECOJOHN® has received a reputation as the premiere brand for toilet solutions.

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