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Rugged and Robust Labelling Manufacture

North Yorkshire,
YO7 1PS Other,
United Kingdom

UID UK is a specialist in the manufacture of rugged and robust labelling. Our rugged and durable labels are capable of working in the harshest of environments. We can supply rugged labels for a wide range of projects and specifications, and work closely with both national and international clients.

We have the expertise and capability to ensure that you can successfully mark and identify your product whatever the environment it’s exposed to.

UID UK operates from GSM Graphic Arts, the label, nameplate and fascia specialist and part of The GSM Group. GSM Graphic Arts has a comprehensive background in barcoding and direct part marking and it was this knowledge and experience, gained over more than 35 years, that led to the creation of UID UK.

We are involved with many new and emerging technologies and also with the development of more traditional ones. We advise the AIDC and barcoding community of the technology available to meet the marking standards required. Our unique Primodise digital printing technique enables us to print photographic images, infinite colour combinations and sequential barcode information.

Rugged labels for extreme conditions

Wherever your product is located, inside or outside, exposed to extremes of temperature, harsh chemicals, salt spray, oil or fire, we have the durable label for you.

We have vast experience of working with all industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, military, logistics and retail, health services and local government.

Military standards for harsh defence environments

UID UK can support your commercial and military applications, including MIL STD 130, a standard mandated by the Department of Defence for any item to be UID compliant.

We can supply you with:

  • Bespoke labelling in all substrates, including metal (anodised aluminium and stainless steel) to plastic (vinyl, polycarbonate and polyester)
  • Asset labels and tags to permanently/temporarily mark your property
  • Symbols: let us know your requirements for 2D data matrix codes, linear barcodes (code 39, code 128, etc.) or human readable serial numbers, both static and consecutive
  • Security labels to protect and deter theft
  • Unique ID labels, from cast plates through to direct marking
  • Industrial labels
  • Ability to print variable information
  • Fixing: let us know where your label is going and we will provide you with the best fixing solution
  • Cost-effective software and hardware
  • Project management and solutions
  • Training and technical support

Rugged unique identification labels and metal barcodes

We can provide your unique identification labels including: barcodes (e.g code 39, code 128) 2D data matrix barcodes, UID codes, QR codes, serial numbers, void, tamper-evident, and temperature indicators, and latent imaging labels.

There may be specific areas of your business that you wish to improve, from identification of items to asset tracking, to security / fraud prevention.

We are able to assist if you require RF wireless technology, rugged metal barcodes or just labels. If security is a concern we can supply security labels in many different forms to protect and deter your property from theft.

Logistic handling and storage

If you need a complete asset management solution we can provide major brand hardware and cost-effective software, including training, technical support and full project management. We understand that rugged labelling solutions require rugged software solutions to improve your business’ efficiency.

Rugged labelling, barcode and data collection software and hardware

UID UK has a range of off-the-shelf packages that run on a standard Windows platform. These packages are highly efficient, cost-effective, and can be up and running with minimal effort.

If your business requires something different we can provide you with a bespoke solution. We specialise in writing web-based applications tailored to your own specific business.

UID UK is your single source for all rugged labelling, barcodes and data collection needs.



North Yorkshire



United Kingdom