IR.Tools provides advanced infrared (IR) protection to military and law enforcement organisations to prevent life altering injuries (IFF) and to assist in data collection during operations.

These infrared products are built in all shapes and sizes, from a three-quarter inch patch to a 4ft x 4ft panel and more. Skilled in-house engineers specialise in custom design and implementation for maximum infrared safety and security.

Infrared films to protect, identify, and provide data for military applications

IR.Tools’ mission, ‘Protecting Those Who Protects Us’, is the foundation and motivation behind every infrared product developed and delivered.

Each product begins with one or more IR reflective, thermal, or photo-luminescent infrared films. These films are detected and identified by complex infrared cameras, known as night vision devices, night vision goggles, thermal imagers, advanced optics, or FLIR imagers.

Powered thermal E-type target with Fabroc® heat technology. Thermal view with visible view inset.
Thermal Vehicle ID markers. View from Thermal imager on a drone.
IR Reflective, Thermal and Photo-luminescent IR patches
Printed Security Forces coyote brown covert IR patch.
Popular multicam IR patches for covert operations.
Reverse coyote brown US Flag IR patch.
Passive thermal printed target. Thermal view with visible view inset.
Patented Universal Zeroing Target.
Thermal Control Point marker. View from Thermal imager on a drone.

There is one exception, the photo-luminescent film, which is used in non-covert operations and is primarily detected by the naked eye. Once detected, the film functions by either offering protection against friendly casualty (IFF), relaying data, securing a location, or informing nearby assistance.

Exclusive infrared patch protection against friend or foe (IFF)

Since 2006, IR.Tools has delivered premium IR products to protect soldiers from life altering friend or foe injuries. What began as a three-quarter inch IFF patch sewn onto the shoulder of every US uniform quickly expanded into an entire suite of infrared patches, including call signs, custom morale logos, unit logos, US flags, and allied nation flags. Patch sizes range from three-quarter inch to 9in x 4in.

An exclusive process called SandStorm Technology builds every IR Reflective IFF patch. SandStorm Technology uses perfectly formed microprisms on one seamless layer to provide maximum IR glow with no air gaps. These military grade infrared patches are nearly indestructible for uncompromising IFF protection in defence applications.

IR vehicle markers enhance air to ground operations

IR.Tools IFF protection is not limited to personal combat ID patches. Research and development has proven the diverse application of IR Thermal films.

Primarily used but not limited to military and law enforcement vehicles, thermal film markers and panels identify who is who and where they are on the ground. Helicopter and drone operations equipped with thermal cameras relay precise data to command and control to avoid untimely delays.

Control point infrared markers provide critical data

In addition to Vehicle ID, IR.Tools infrared thermal films are deployed as control points. A custom designed control point marker provides critical data such as location, behaviour patterns, and safe landing zones.

Control point thermal markers provide a stable reference point for those hard to reach places and particularly operations in the dark, making them a valuable asset wherever drones are deployed.

Infrared shooting targets for advanced weapons

To support the training of soldiers and their advanced weapon sights, IR.Tools offers  an extensive suite of infrared shooting targets. Our inventory includes a variety of zeroing, passive and powered thermal targets.

The patented Universal Zeroing Target simplifies the zeroing process for all optics, including lasers. Passive thermal targets, which need no power to function, are a high-contrast thermal film and are available in custom die-cut and printed options.

Powered thermal targets have a robust heat contrast for life-like training operations. All IR.Tools infrared targets achieve a high resolution contrast for accurate and extensive training. Designed for ease of transport and durability, the targets prepare users for confident life-saving shots.

Unmatched powered thermal shooting targets for the military

IR.Tools Powered thermal shooting targets are built with specially designed heat technology. An exclusive thin, rubber-like material with no wires to short circuit after bullet penetration.

These heated targets are safe, durable and power up quickly on low-voltage batteries.

The soldiers at Fort Bragg are impressed! “The unmatched number of shots it takes while maintaining a clear, realistic image to shoot is incredible!”

As an added bonus, the target defaults to a passive target if your power is disabled outside.

Future innovation and infrared solutions

IR.Tools passionate staff of engineers are committed to designing and innovating first-class infrared solutions. As the enemy catches up and implements existing technology, IR.Tools is aggressively developing new solutions to stay ahead of the dangers.

IR.Tools goal is to lead from the front, says founder and lead inventor Tom Boyer. At the same time, IR.Tools uses only high-grade raw materials in every IR product. No cost-cutting measures stand in the way of a soldier’s safety and protection.

Discover your infrared solutions

The IR.Tools team works with individual clients to discover how infrared technology will impact and improve operations. Together we analyse and critique specific problems to recommend an existing infrared product or build a new solution.

Your safety and return home to your loved ones begins with your initial inquiry. From sales to engineering and customer service, your operation is a priority, and we intend to deliver the highest quality infrared product.