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Infrared Identification and Training Technologies

IR.Tools is at the forefront of cutting-edge infrared (IR) identification and training technologies, built to enhance the safety and protection of the Military, Law Enforcement, and Sportsmen communities.

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Infrared identification and training technologies

Welcome to the forefront of cutting-edge infrared (IR) identification and training technologies, built to enhance the safety and protection of the Military, Law Enforcement, and Sportsmen communities. IR.Tools is your trusted partner in advancing the proficiency and effectiveness of modern operations with our wide range of infrared products. Explore the latest advancements in IR identification and training and elevate your capabilities in the field.

IR identification tools for military operations

At IR.Tools, our mission is clear: to provide unparalleled IR identification and training products to enhance operations and mitigate life-altering injuries. Our products are crafted using state-of-the-art infrared films, including IR reflective, Thermal, and Photoluminescent, each carefully selected to ensure optimal performance in various environments. Whether detecting friend or foe or facilitating training exercises, our solutions are engineered to deliver results.

Exploring top IR identification solutions

Friend or Foe Passive Patches

Since 2006, IR.Tools has been at the forefront of supplying military-grade-IFF infrared patches for the US military. 

Infrared Identification Tools
IFF Active Thermal Beacons
Vehicle Thermal Market Identification
Thermal Control Point
Zeroing Targets

Our patches are available in both covert and non-convert variants. Each patch is built using one or more infrared films: IR reflective – covert or non-covert, Thermal – covert or non-covert, and Photoluminescent – non-covert. All IR reflective patches are built with our proprietary SandStorm Technology™ for unmatched durability and glow in the field. 

IFF Active Thermal Beacons

Partnering with Thermal Beacon, IR.Tools is the exclusive distributor of the active thermal beacon in the U.S.. These beacons utilize advanced multispectral technology, emitting signals across multiple spectrums while remaining invisible to the naked eye. Designed for optimal performance and compactness, our beacons provide an additional layer of security in critical operational environments.

Vehicle Thermal Markers

Deployed on military and law enforcement vehicles, our thermal film markers and panels enable rapid identification and tracking to enhance situational awareness. Extreme Thermal film markers withstand harsh weather conditions and provide clear identification even in adverse environments. Ideal for aerial and drone operations, our markers ensure precise communication and coordination, minimizing the risk of delays and errors.

Control Points

Custom-designed thermal markers tailored for hard-to-reach locations, providing stable reference points for various operational scenarios. Whether establishing secure landing zones or monitoring critical infrastructure, our control points offer enhanced visibility and situational awareness, particularly in low-light conditions.

Advancing Infrared training techniques

Thermal Target Training

 IR.Tools offers an extensive suite of thermal shooting targets designed to enhance training sessions for advanced weapon sights. From zeroing targets to passive and powered variants, our targets are built with Upright Thermal film for superior contrast and reliability. With options for both indoor and outdoor use, our targets optimize training sessions, allowing users to improve accuracy and proficiency in various scenarios.

Drone Training

 As the demand for skilled drone pilots continues to rise, IR.Tools introduces thermal discs and 2D dummies for lifelike training experiences. Developed in collaboration with industry experts, our training tools meet stringent standards and offer realistic scenarios for day and night training sessions. Whether simulating search and rescue missions or tactical operations, our drone training solutions provide invaluable hands-on experience for aspiring pilots.

Enhanced operational capabilities with IR.Tools

From enhanced IR identification strategies to advanced training techniques, IR.Tools remains committed to innovation and excellence in serving the needs of our customers. With a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the demands of modern operations, we empower soldiers and officers to operate with confidence in any environment. Explore the possibilities with IR.Tools and discover how our solutions will elevate your operational capabilities.

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Products & services

  • Military Grade Laser Cut Infrared Patches

    Turn your logo into a laser cut IR patch. Our expert in-house engineer will transform your complex design or alpha /numeric sequence into a classy protective IR patch you will be proud to show off. 

  • Zeroing Targets

    Prepare yourself for those life-saving shots. These exclusive patented Zeroing targets for your advanced weapon sights could not be any easier to set up. 

  • Powered Thermal Targets

    The addition of power to our high contrast thermal shooting targets provides a contrast above all contrast. Finally, the frustration of locating the target in your optics is solved.

  • Ground Control Point Markers

    Thermal ground control point markers lay the groundwork for aerial operations deployed with thermal imaging devices. Build a custom thermal control point to mark a specific location for data collection, surveillance, security specs, landing zones or any number of operations.

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