Friendly casualties are as high as 20% in conflicts across the globe. IFF infrared patches aid in the protection against accidental engagements. 

The IR reflective patches are built with exclusive SandStorm Technology to stop patch failure. One seamless layer of perfectly formed microprisms prevents water and debris from destroying the patch. The fitted microprisms maximize illumination for rapid detection from friendlies. 

Each patch is hook-backed for quick attachment to uniform.

Choose from a variety of IR protective patches:

1. Field IR Reflective

  •  For your covert, stealth operations
  •  Visible with a Night Vision device
  •  Printed or  Laser Cut styles
  • SandStorm Technology™

2. Garrison IR Reflective

  • For your non-covert operations, base, or street patrol 
  • White light reflective and visible to the naked eye
  •  Printed or Laser Cut Styles
  • SandStorm Technology™

3. Thermal patches

  • Covert operations, Search and Rescue, Surveillance
  • Visible with a Thermal imaging device 

4. Photo-luminescent

  • For your non-covert operations, base, or street patrol
  • Glows in the dark and visible to the naked eye
  • Printed and Laser Cut styles.