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Cross-Domain Applications and Solutions

BlueSpace has developed an innovative approach to cross-domain applications called Multi-Level Security 2.0 (MLS 2.0).

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BlueSpace – Cross Domain Applications and Solutions

BlueSpace is a US small business that has developed an innovative approach to cross domain applications called SmartXD, which solves issues previously associated with cross domain solutions including security, flexibility and cost. BlueSpace offers services to create custom cross domain solutions and cross domain enable existing systems. In addition, BlueSpace offer COTS cross domain solutions for email, calendar, search and network monitoring.

SmartXD is a cross domain application framework based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles. It is the core technology used throughout BlueSpace products and solutions. SmartXD solutions are created using the BlueSpace XD Framework (XDF). Together, SmartXD and XDF support agile development of flexible, intelligent, low-cost cross domain applications. Benefits of Smart XD and XDF include the following:

  • SmartXD solutions work with any data guard
  • Reusable common services
  • XD enablement of single level COTS/GOTS applications
  • SOA application model
  • XML schema is the only PL4 component
  • Deploy as PL2 virtual machines

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Smart Windowing is a SmartXD capability that provides a next generation cross domain user experience on a single display using a trusted workstation such as AFRL SecureView 2.0.
Unity email integrates with Microsoft Exchange email to provide a unified OWA user experience across multiple security networks.
Search multiple content data stores on multiple domains with a single, unified user experience.
GeoSpace is a C2 prototype application built on the Mission Application Framework.
Sentinel is a cyber situational awareness prototype application built on the Mission Application Framework.
SmartXD applications are deployed as easy to manage, single domain, virtual application appliances.

Sentinel – cross domain IT monitoring and management

Sentinel is the first off-the-shelf cross domain solution for centralised, global IT monitoring and management. Sentinel integrates with SolarWinds® Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) to enable a single display, high side view of the interface based on data aggregated from multiple SolarWinds servers at different classification levels. The solution provides improved awareness, decision making and shortened reaction time.

Unity – cross domain email and calendar

Unity is a SmartXD email and calendar application that integrates with Microsoft Exchange to provide a unified view of inboxes, calendars, contacts and tasks across multiple networks. Users have full email and calendar capabilities across the domains. They can also read, save and interact with attachments without copy, filter or transfer through a data guard. The UI is based on the familiar Outlook Web Access (OWA) user interface and can be accessed from any browser.

Discover – cross domain enterprise search

Discover is a SmartXD search application that provides users with a unified interface to search, view search results and access search content across multiple networks at different classification levels. Discover provides a familiar interface that resembles standard search applications such as Google Search. Discover can be integrated with multiple content repositories on multiple security domains and return results with more than 200 different file types, keeping all content on the originating network.


BlueSpace develops custom XD Solutions that range from cross domain enablement of a single COTS or GOTS system to solutions that bring together a wide range of data and applications across multiple security domains. The BlueSpace XD Framework and SmartXD technologies are used to rapidly deliver flexible, low cost capabilities that are easier to certify than traditional, guard specific solutions. Current solution areas include:

  • Cross domain enablement for existing applications
  • Cyber solutions
  • Actionable intelligence
  • Command-and-control solutions
  • Trusted workstation solutions

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SmartXD architecture

SmartXD applications are designed using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Model and are deployed as secure software appliances (VM) in each domain. Key architecture elements include:

  • Integration points – with systems, databases and tagged data to request data and actions
  • Data processing – to merge, filter, trigger actions and package XML for cross domain transfer
  • User interface – to present information and handle user interaction
  • Orchestration – to initiate SOA actions
  • XML schema – defines the application cross domain SOA communications

White Papers

Press Releases

  • BlueSpace Announces New Cyber Situational Awareness Solution for Federal IT

    BlueSpace Federal, a provider of Multi-Level Secure (MLS) applications and pioneer of the MLS 2.0 approach, and SolarWinds (SWI), a provider of powerful, affordable IT management software, have announced a partnership to enable SolarWinds software solutions to operate across security domains by making use of BlueSpace MLS 2.0 technology.

  • BlueSpace® Announces Cooperative R&D Agreement with Air Force Research Laboratory

    BlueSpace Federal has entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Air Force Research Laboratory - Information Directorate (AFRL/RI), Cross Domain Innovation & Science (CDIS) Engineering group, led by Michael J. Mayhew - AFRL/RIEB, to research the integration of MLS 2.0 with key AFRL research initiatives and programmes.

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