ES-KO is an international leading provider of customised and integrated logistics and support services creating value for our clients in remote, demanding and hostile environments. We are recognised for our ‘can do’ attitude.

ES-KO provides turnkey camp infrastructure, engineering design and support, supply of food and non-food products, catering and life support services, retail services (PX/duty free, bars and cafés), and all associated logistical services to civilian and military contingents and international organisations anywhere in the world.

ES-KO’s total facility management concept allows its clients to concentrate on their core business, while ES-KO supports the client in all its needs to perform the project/operation.

ES-KO’s headquarters and field operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

ES-KO constructed a police academy (capacity 1,500) in Kabul, Afghanistan.
ES-KO provides full catering services, including food supply, to ISAF deployed in Mazar e Sharif, North Region, Afghanistan.
ES-KO provides rations supply and all associated logistical support services to military contingents anywhere in the world.
ES-KO's services include cafés, bars and pizzerias, where soldiers are served by friendly staff in a relaxing environment.
ES-KO constructed a role 2 hospital in Herat to support the ISAF forces operations in West Region, Afghanistan.

Turnkey camps and building construction

ES-KO can rapidly provide prefabricated buildings of any type to construct kitchens, dining facilities, laundries, accommodation blocks, office complexes, ablutions, recreation complexes, warehouses, workshops, medical centres, etc. ES-KO offers a wide range of construction products and services, including:

  • Prefabricated building facilities
  • Camp infrastructure (electricity, water, road networks)
  • Supervision to erection
  • Project and risk management
  • Lease of prefabricated units
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Force protection and fencing
  • Video surveillance, security systems and communications systems
  • Landscaping
  • All types of prefabricated building units
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Furniture
  • Generators/power stations
  • Water treatment plants

Rations supply, distribution and storage services

ES-KO’s support services involve:

  • Food supply: worldwide sources of supply, transportation to operational warehouses, port clearance, procurement of local bread, fruits and vegetables
  • Warehousing facilities improved to a hygienic, international standard.  Chilled, frozen and ambient storage conditions. Central and regional warehouses are located in the area of operations and maintain operating and reserve stocks for contingency situations
  • In-country distribution with appropriate trucks. On-site repair and maintenance facilities
  • Rental or purchase of dry and refrigerated storage containers for bulk food storage on a short-term basis or where it is impractical to construct more permanent facilities

Catering support and camp management services

Catering is ES-KO’s original core business and services include:

  • Supply, transportation and delivery to site of foodstuffs
  • Provision of highly qualified catering managerial expatriate staff and fully trained kitchen and dining room personnel
  • Planning and advisory services
  • Supply of furniture and utensils
  • Supply of mobile, temporary facilities or of a complete prefabricated or permanent kitchen
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Facilities management

Facilities management services encompass multi-disciplinary activities including:

  • Facilities and infrastructure maintenance
  • Vector/pest control
  • Waste management
  • Fuels systems management
  • Water purification
  • Firefighting services
  • Grounds maintenance

Retail, duty-free and concession operations

ES-KO provides international PX/duty-free facilities and management services to multinational customers.

  • A wide product range including foodstuffs, beer, spirits, wine and soft drinks, cigarettes and tobacco, perfumes and toiletries, electronic and photography equipment, watches, sunglasses, sports equipment, sportswear, clothing, stationery, books and magazines, luggage, souvenirs and logo items, and gift items
  • Internet cafés, bars, coffee shops, pizzerias and restaurants are also available, in addition to PX and supermarket facilities

Healthcare services for the military

ES-KO’s healthcare division broadens ES-KO’s existing range of products and services offered to its customers located in remote and difficult areas by providing:

  • Healthcare planning
  • Feasibility studies and consultancy services
  • Hospital design; specially equipped vehicles
  • Equipping of new hospitals and diagnostic centres
  • Hospital equipment
  • Mobile and prefabricated hospitals