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Satellite-based Blue Force Tracking Systems for the Military

NORTAC Defence provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) satellite-based beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) blue force tracking systems to military and defence organisations worldwide.

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NORTAC Defence provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) satellite-based beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) blue force tracking systems to defence and government agencies worldwide.

Founded in 2010, the company aims to provide affordable solutions that can be used for a range of applications on the battlefield and has been a main provider of Iridium-based tracking and messaging capabilities to Canadian Government Agencies since 2011.

Situational awareness satellite solutions for military personnel

TITAN BY NORTAC™ is a cutting-edge solution that is simple to train, operate, and deploy, providing customers with a fully scalable system. TITAN provides full tracking, situational awareness (SA) and communications capabilities globally, including areas with no cell coverage as well as and especially rugged or austere terrain requiring BLOS connectivity. Iridium LEO satellites

provide one hundred percent global coverage. Sending tracking and messaging data via compressed Short Burst Data (SBD) packets has multiple benefits including being a cost-effective alternative to satellite voice and it is extremely difficult to detect, intercept or jam.

Designed to augment analogue or digital radio networks, TITAN has been created to satisfy SA & Command and Control (C2) and security/encryption requirements of militaries around the world in a more cost effective and operationally efficient manner.

The Blue and Red force SA picture enables unit leaders to make more informed tactical decisions, giving them more time to focus on the mission at hand.

Real-time tracking and communication solutions for the defence industry

All units and commanders see the same blue picture in near real-time. TITAN BY NORTAC™ provides a highly reliable back-up communications mechanism and enables users to keep routine administrative and logistics traffic off satellite voice frequencies including the tactical radio network.

The solution also facilitates easier synchronisation with logistical support, such as a messaging option to rapidly distribute critical information and free up tactical radios for action.

Web-based applications and server solutions for tracking and situational awareness

The innovative TITAN BY NORTAC™ Platform allows data to flow backwards and forwards between the command HQ and the tactical level, as well as enabling data to pass between field units offering tactical level communications using safe and cost-effective SBD satellite channels.

The platform provides defence organisations with a highly reliable web-based application for asset and personnel tracking capability, including situational awareness, as well as for emergency responses requirements and the ability to provide a comprehensive post-operational debriefing.

Key functions of the TITAN BY NORTAC Platform include address book syncing, encrypted two-way messaging, multiple map layers and overlays, permission-based user levels, and the ability to easily reconfigure geofences with inclusive and exclusive zoning.

The Nortac team of engineers are adept at creating easily deployable standalone server solutions that sit behind clients’ firewalls and have integrated other OEM’s devices onto the platform to meet operational requirements.

Mobile situational awareness products for the military

TITAN BY NORTAC™ Tactical, a mobile situational awareness component of the solution, has been specially developed to be accessed on a ruggedized laptop or tablet and is paired with the NORTAC WAVE™ to allow connectivity in even the most remote, beyond line of sight terrains.

It is suitable for users involved with developing the operational scenario and allows geo-fences to be viewed and events to be plotted.

TITAN BY NORTAC™ Tactical can provide clarity from the operating environment to HQ when there is no infrastructure in place. Its three-way message functionality for land, air, and sea assets enables the mission command to continue where terrestrial communication could fail.

The software has been designed for ease-of-use and can be quickly loaded on laptop and tablet devices. Extensive mapping functionality allows for manual and automatic map data inputs and users can view up to a hundred positional reports simultaneously.

Mobile devices and app solutions for effective communication on the battlefield

NORTAC Defence also offers mobile devices for use on the battlefield.

These devices can either be handheld or installed in military vehicles, helicopters, or marine vessels, and allow for quick and easy communication through the network.

The company has also developed a mobile app, NORTAC ORION™, which transforms the users’ smartphone into a tracking, encrypted messaging, and emergency alert system.

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  • HawkEye 5500 Dual Mode Vehicle Tracker Integrated to TITAN BY NORTAC Platform

    Nortac Defence is proud to launch another successful integration project. We welcome BlueSky Network’s HawkEye 5500 (HE5500) to the TITAN BY NORTAC™ solution. The HE5500 gives users of the TITAN BY NORTAC™ Platform the option of a dual mode (cellular & Iridium) vehicle tracking device which includes AES256 encryption.

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