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Modern Military Equipment and Systems

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Dukelská 102,
742 42 Šenov u Nové Jičín,
Czech Republic

VOP CZ systematically creates the conditions to strengthen its position as an integrator and supplier of modern military equipment and systems mainly for the Army of the Czech Republic, including ensuring life cycle and service.

It is gradually developing its activities for domestic and foreign customers in the areas of production of its own products, cooperative production, modernization and service and in other services in the field of defense and security.

VOP CZ has long offered a wide portfolio of products that were specially developed, manufactured and tested to support the armed forces of the Czech Republic.PRODUCTION AND MODERNIZATION
VOP CZ has many years of experience in military production, in 2023 we will commemorate the 77th anniversary of its foundation.
We currently develop and carry out the final assembly of armored military vehicles according to the requirements of our customers. We meet the strictest safety standards and hold certifications for the production of military equipment.

In the field of defense vehicle production, we offer top technical, material and human resources, including precise production processes, which ensure high quality and reliability of our products.REPAIRS AND SERVICES
We have the technical background to meet the most demanding requirements and standards. The level of knowledge and experience of our teams is constantly deepened and improved, so that we are always able to ensure the perfect readiness of equipment for demanding military operations.

We ensure the complete life cycle of technology for our soldiers. In addition to world-class defense engineering and manufacturing equipment and technologies, we also provide training and service.

Press Releases


    • Viking (BvS10) Amphibious Armoured All-Terrain Vehicle

      Viking (BvS10) is a fully-amphibious armoured all-terrain vehicle consisting of two tracked vehicle units linked by a steering mechanism. The UK Ministry of Defence ordered 108 Vikings from BAE Systems, Land Systems Hagglunds (formerly Alvis Hagglunds), in three variants of troop carrier (TCV), command vehicle (CV) and repair recovery vehicle (RCV).

      • AJBAN 440A Protected Patrol Vehicle

        AJBAN 440A is a multi-purpose protected patrol variant of the AJBAN-class of 4x4 tactical vehicles designed and developed by NIMR Automotive, a military vehicles manufacturer based in the UAE.

Dukelská 102
742 42 Šenov u Nové Jičín
Czech Republic

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